From my phone :)

Friday, February 05, 2010

Yup! My sched! :D
I am as high-tech and as very much low-tech as one could get! ;D
I don't use my Notes/Calendar much...and still prefer post-its and hand-written schedules! ;p

Notes (or texts!) like this makes "work" worth it! =)


  1. LOL. Nakakatawa ka naman..

    I have a strong affinity to gadgets, but most of the time, money gets wasted coz I dunno how to fully maximize its features. Whenever I see people using the same gadget, i get doubly amazed as I say, 'It can do that? Really? Ngaun ko lang nalaman yan ah.' Sheesh.

  2. Hahahah! :D Ako rin! :D Natutuwa nga ako parang nakong typical na matanda na hindi into tech-stuff hehehe! ;D
    I tried using the excel of my phone, pero wala pang one week di ko nadin ginagamit hihihi


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