No more "students" in the family!

Friday, February 05, 2010

Cea's first of whatevernumber of graduations was held yesterday inside their school! :) Only mom and dad were able to attend since I think they're the only ones invited! ;) Those were the days in my neighborhood preschool where every one of my angkan may attend my grad--boutonniere, bouquet, and all! ;) Haha! While I was on my meet ups yesterday, mom texted me with something like this:

"Hi ate and gia, mamarcha na si bunsoy, may dala ba tong camera? tapos na kayong tatlo, thank you Jesus"

Made me really proud of my sister--who, as my mom kept on repeating to everyone, graduated with Best Thesis and Honorable Mention. :D (I am a proud ate, sorry ;)) I actually woke up that day and saw mom sleeping in our sala's couch, beside Cea's commencement booklet. =) She is so proud my heart melts. =) <3 I really feel that graduations aren't only celebrated for the graduate's achievements, but also a celebration for the parents--who had been, directly or not, been part of one's whole schooling life. =)

Picture of our dinner celebration for Cea's first grad, held in Pasto, Fort Strip, near ate's work place where she came back din after dinner--Workaholic 101!

Raffy: Cheers! Haha!

Hello The Graduate! What's with the face??? :)

Everyone + our clean plates! :)

Cea's medal, dad's idea. =)


Pics from Cey's FB:

Cea and friends! Congrats!!! =)

Flashback Circa 2007, my own bac.mass (university wide grad) and PICC graduation (college):

"Parade" aka going around the campus as students one last time. =)

Seatmates with my Mommy Marlene during the mass :)

Waiting for our turn to pass "back" out through the Arch of Centuries, where we also went through on our first year in UST. =)

Fountaiiin! Since we werent students anymore, we broke the rules and went straight to the fountain!!!


My kahits + our thesis adviser. =)

I will never get tired of telling stories of my own graduation. I made sure it was momentous and worth looking back to! =)


"we threw our toga caps like how we see in graduation films even though I can’t really smoothly catch it (haha), we hugged people we’ve hurt and feel right there and then the time we’ve lost and can’t take back, we took photos to capture the moment so as not to be forgotten when we enter a different world. Waved, hugged, kissed everyone—and the list goes on and on…"
-Anagon, reblogged from My Graduation. =)

Yup, I did the peace sign on stage, in front of Father Rector and the whole graduates. ;) Hahahah!


Your turn! Always excited to read your comments! :)