A Piece of Me .... In February 2010

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Found this out here through here! :) (Thanks sis Krissy! :))

This month....
I like: to get fit...Pre-Summer outings! :D Ana and I called Feb our Fitness Month back in December (yup, to lose all Holiday-accumulated fats, hehehe), and even planned on enrolling in a gym program. But our thrrrifty selves decided to just go on a diet (with punishments hahaha) and have *ahem* regular JOGGING around Fort! Hahaha! First day was last Saturday! :)

I don't like: that we ended up eating big time at Italiannis after being all sweat-machines that morning! :D Haha! But THAT was fun too, anyway! ;)

I want you to know: that I am kindof one of those affected with all the Vday/Single Awarness Day thing. I don't want to, but I just am! ;p
I've planned: to continue all the hang-outs I've been doing with my friends the past months--it's all-magastos, but it's all-good also! :) I'm having fun meeting up with clients, and then injecting friends-time in between or before&after. 

Oh, I am also planning this month on holding my first ever self-organized accessories workshop for the coming summer! I hope things will go well, AND this will push-through! :D

I want to say to someone special: to my friends: thank you so much for making me feel loved! To everyone: Let's all celebrate Love Month by multiplying (like paying it forward!) the cheese-fest and making everyone feel blessed, happy, andofcourse, loved. =)

Because we all deserve it! ;)

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  1. My friend and I also tried jogging.. we were really dedicated to it, waking up at 6AM to jog before class (& our class starts at 1PM pa). But then school work piled up and we never got the chance to jog again. We only did for like 2weeks :-( HAHA pero nakakapayat din ang puyat ha! Masama nga lang :-s

    Ay nako, affected din ako niyang S.A.D. na yan :)) Kahit kunyari hindi, para 'di mukhang bitter. Nyahah. Oh well. Baka inggit lang :))

    Happy love month, Anagon ;-)

  2. Hahaha! Grabe super sipag!! =) My friend and I are now betting on till when lang namin mapapanindigan to hehehe! ;p

    Hahaha baka nga sis nakakainggit lang yun mga mapapanood natin sweetnothingswhatevs come feb14! ;p but after that, summer is for singles na diba! hahahah! :D

    all the love megann! :) see you next week for our meet up!

  3. Yay you're doing the game na rin!! :D

    Hay nako, kasama yang 'get fit' na yan sa resolutions ko, i need a weight gain program! i can use the gym in the office kaso i don't have gym clothes, hanggang ngayon di pa ko nakakabili. di pwedeng mag-dress and heels sa gym eh haha!

    Nice naman ng workshop! Sasali ako sis!! :D

  4. Hahaha! :D Thanks sis! :) Naku pinplan ko na the workshop, i dont know anong mga kelangan pa, but hoping for the best! :) really hope you can join! :)

    Naku wow nga may gym kayo sa office, take advantage of it!! :D


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