Some things before I go out for meet ups today... ;p

Say hello to my semi-new look for Cafe World: MJ! ;p Hahaha!

New Collection for Anagon! :) 
Posted just yesterday, and it's almost sold out! =D 
Turns out lotsof girl are still into heartssss and lurve and mushy stuff! ;-)

(click pic for larger view)
Owkaaay scary summer getaway for Anagon and the Bullies!!! :D

......Now of to my "field work"! ;p :D =)


  1. oh how I hate cafe world now. but your mj avatar is so cool!


    ps. have a great time!

  2. Zanah thanks! :)
    Betz: oh cafe world is the only thing i turn to Facebook when things get boring, but i have to agree im getting tired of it already..which is sad ;p


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