"Aww ang cute naman!"

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Past few days were spent spending and meeting friends and gaining weight (that's it for fitness month, noh?)


Circles buffet at Shang Hotel Makati with Ana

Wasn't her birthday yet, but we planned to meet that Saturday anyway, while she waited for her college friends to arrive (around 10pm)...I realized I am wasting buffet money since I can only eat at around 4 plates (1 plate salad, 1 plate of viands and flavored rice, 1 plate of pasta with a slive of pizza, and 1 plate of fruits/sherbet). Ate said she can finish up to 8 plates! ;p

Still, it was fun to try out these things once in awhile. =) We even strolled around the hotel and wished we live there. =)


T. Boy with my sisters

Sunday was spent with my family, which I think is good. Ever since fitness month, I always have weekends with Ana--jogging, hear mass, and eat out. But last Sunday, I had bonding time with my sisters and suggested we eat at a Japanese place. I would have love auth Jap dishes after reading this book:

After getting used to Teen Fictions (or "Young Adult" for Ana, hehe!)...I adjusted a bit while reading Norwegian Wood during my travel times--jeep rides, bus, fx, going to meet ups. (very productive traveling time!) But a Murakami is always an experience! It has a way of leaving me, if I can describe it more accurately, hollow. It is unpretentious, as it is lonely. But these stories make me feel alive, made me realize that I am not experiencing something unique--I can get by. =)

"What makes us normal", said Reiko,
" knowing we're not normal."



Ana's Birthday aka Play Day! :)

We celebrated my sister Ana's birthday in Mall of Asia (really unusual, since we're always in Makati or Fort! ;p).
We had heavy lunch in Aveneto, then played basketball, throwing of balls, some war games, etcetera, in Time Zone while waiting for Tameme to arrive from work. But we spent most of our P500-loaded play card in the coins thing--always pleading "last!" (round) as if we will win in the end of this game-of-luck. Gamblers! ;p

We also had two rounds of bowling till Tameme arrived. We were full of crazy antics that I got tired of playing not because of the heavy bowling ball, but more of from uncontrollable laughing! ;p We rested in Coffee Bean, where Tamem's treated us coffee, and continued our stories and kalokohan in Aveneto--where Ana had take out of pizza/pasta for her family. =)

When we were in Makati already, we waited till Ana already got in a cab--also since she's carrying lots of the foodies she'll take home. On the taxi line, while we were hugging/kissing each other bye-bye, I somehow heard the two girls at my back saying "what's happening?"--maybe because it was taking us a long time just to leave. Then as Ana finally closed the cab's door, I shouted one last time "Happy birthday!", and heard one of the girls at the back say "Aww ang cute naman! Birthday niya!" 

It was a happy day. =)

"When it is raining like this", said Naoko, "It feels as if we're the only ones in the world. I wish it would just keep raining so the three of us could stay together."
-Norwegian Wood, Haruki Murakami

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