Friday, March 19, 2010

As I am typing this entry, I am listening to the different versions of the song Hallelujah in Youtube...Jeff Buckley, Leonard Cohen, even Shrek's....But on repeat is Jason Castro's.

Yesterday, the meet up with my friend Krissy (who is on a long vacay from work) finally pushed through. Although original plan was to spend a day-out in Serendra/Boni High, my business meet ups inconveniently led me to asking my friend if we can meet instead near her place (Gateway, where my meet up will be held) then she suggested Trinoma, where Jason Castro will be performing that same day. I said yes right away--I realized I just miss fangirling! 

Sis Krissy was a friend I met online, started when she messaged me in my online shop on the Anagon Collection gift she received from their OJT boss, who turned out to be the mom of my journ classmate/kabasag Mel. From then, she became a reseller of my accessories, then became a really constant buyer, and one of the few friends I gained post-college. I seldom meet new friends since I am literally self-employed (which tends to be lonely at times, you know), that's why I value my old friends so much I am a clingy-bitch-of-a-friend (haha), and I super appreciate the really rare buyer-turned-friends I gain and trust.

We met in the afternoon, had fruit shakes (her treat!) and had chikas by the park, shopped for necessities (and checked out some make ups!), had early dinner near the Trinoma circle where Jason Castro will perform (I hate being late!), and when we went out of Chowking, we realized that the AI 5th placer was already on stage--Krissy and I have to skip our CR-break! Hahaha!

The CDs I bought outside the venue promised us (first 100 buyers) to have our CDs signed, and a place inside the venue, but the last minute, the Ayala organizers said they'll prioritize the stub holders (those who shopped P1,500 worth of items in the mall, boo!). Told sis Krissy "Isang sapatos lang yan e!" ("that's just one pair of shoes!")...but luckily, we didn't attempt to shop the last minute, and didn't bother fighting with those manning the entrance, and instead, stayed there by the railings, contented to watch dreadlocks guy from that distance coz "it's even better than E-heads concert in MOA!".

The performance started though, and the venue proper wasn't full, and since we were in front of the barrier, the bouncers let some of us in, and Krissy and I were jumping as we entered the barricaded VIP area! Ang swerte talagaaaa! 

I was sure, since it was a mall show to promote the album, that the songs lined up were the ones in his CD (only contains 5 songs: Let's Just Fall in Love, Love Uncompromised, You Can Always Come Home, If I were You, and Sweet Medicine) but we were wishing he'll sing something from his performances in American Idol. In his third or fourth song (I'm not sure), he held a ukelele and started playing Somewhere Over the Rainbow! :D I felt I was in dream land...I love that song! :)

The song that kept on playing before Castro went on stage was Let's Just Fall in Love, so Krissy and I bet that it will be the last song for the night (much like Jai Ho for the Pussycat Dolls Concert, or Toyang for the Eheads Concert, hehe)...but he had one last song to perform after what we thought was his last, and it turned out to be the soulful Hallelujah. Everyone felt silent, goosebumps all over, and I was (in all the emo-ness in me) literally teary eyed.

Super cute niya parang angel. Hahahah!

Unlike concerts, the night did not end with his performance. There were lucky ones with wherever-they-got-those-stubs who lined up for photo op, then we 100 CD holders followed them, had our copies signed (though cameras weren't allowed on stage, boo)...and shook Jason Castro's hands. +D 

On our way up, I was asking Krissy what she will tell him on that little-time we have for the meet-and-greet/signing...and she said she'll ask for a kiss! Haha! I tried to come up with my own pick up lines like "Awesome performance, sir!", or "You were my bet then!" or "Can I have a hug?", and even caught a line from his song Love Uncompromised and thought to say "Kiss me with your heart, sir" Hahahahah! :D But when it was our time to go up, I heard Jason and the body guards say "no kissing" ----so in front of his drowningblueeyes I only got to say "Ay bawal?" hahahaha! :D .... had my CD signed, shook his hands, stared, then left. So much for coming up with pick up lines! If he's not into kisses, should have just said "May I touch your dreads, sir?" hahaha! Mental block star-strucked kid! ;p

The last times Krissy and I went out were on this 3-Saturdays Power Books writing workshop, then in the Eraserheads Final Concert, and now this. Most of our communications are online: Blogspot, Facebook, and Multiply.

But then, when I think about it, these once/twice a year in-person meet ups were always the best. =) 

I can't wait for the next! =)

I used to live alone before I knew you.
I've seen your flag on the marble arch
Love is not a victory march
It's a cold and it's a broken Hallelujah


  1. Awww ang sweet naman, ngayon ko lang 'to nabasa sis! Definitely one of my favorite days of 2010!! Love you, and 'til our next! :D

  2. I love you too sis! :) Include me always on your long leaves, okay?? :) Thanks for this experience!!! =)


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