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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"Maybe there are some girls who wouldn't like it that I call them right away, or said things to soon. But guess what? Those aren't the right girls for me. Maybe the right girl is the one who loves that I do those things because that's just who I am. And I not going to change because of a three days rule."

-Ted Mosby

**How I Met Your Mother marathon! :) Just finished season 4 from my hard drive, but I can't play the DVD of the 5th season on my PC. ;p Bummer, planning to have a marathon tonight--fail! =p
Anyway, I love these hopeful lines, near the end of season 4. I will always be a Ted Mosby or a "Tom Hansen", no matter how cool it is to be the "Summer Finn". The pretty, heartbreaker, that every single guy will fall for. But I'll always be the one madly in love, because, as Ted puts it, it's just who I am. =)


I am not one of those cool bony cigarette smokers with red lipstick that people fall in love with all the time, I am that soft friend in the gingham dress that makes you tea when the cooler girl fucks you over.

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