On Jogging, and Happy Birthday Mel! =)

Monday, March 22, 2010

I love to jog! If only I can jog everyday! Hah!
It gives me the "natural high", the feeling of freedom--figuratively, and literally for my shoulders, who finally experience being bag-strap-free. With no heavy burden slumped on my back, I get to run (as fast or as slow) as I want. With just the plainest garbs (my pambahay, even! ;p)...and the hand-me-down rubber shoes from my ate, I'll play my iPod Shuffle (which I really really need during jogs, or I'll stop midway), and finish the "route" Ana and I set. =)

Went to BF yesterday (via Geo's car) to celebrate Mel's birthday last March 20. There were only 4 of us, but I really enjoyed our veranda dinner and kwentuhans. There was a time Mel asked why we weren't seeing each other when we are both from south! 

Geo and Mel also teased me of forming alliances (Bullies) by going out on our own (jogs, birthdays, etcetera)!

Mel also tried out the Anya Liquid Blush on me, she sells them for only P650, and it's not yet distributed in the  country. I really like it, though I just bought a powder blush, but my dad thought it was natural rosy cheeks when I got home that night. ;p So I thought it was a good buy sana--long lasting and looks natural! :D 

Birthday girl Mel with Geo, posing in front of the house filled with Villar posters and whathaveyous! ;p Geo works for the Noy Aquino team.

We went to Ruins and looked around, also bought lotslots of DVDs which is right away sulit since Cea is currently watching them already. =) I got How I Met Your Mother season , and the 3 seasons of Big Bang Theory, which they said is a funny series! ;p Also got 2 Johnny Depp collections, would like to watch Edward Scissor Hands again! ;p

Attendance was lacking, but it was actually a fun night with really cool people. =) Hope to have more repeats of this Sunday house-thing with friends! ;)
Happy birthday Mel! :-)


  1. such wonderful pictures. I agree, running is really a fantastic way to become balanced and fit. Sounds like you had a wonderful day

  2. Thanks Nathalie! =) The freedom of running/jogging around a clean city! :)


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