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Friday, March 26, 2010

We weren't in a party...but in a private sale of Soak Swimwear! :D 
For the second year, Marj and I went together to check out the local brand's really cool pieces! What I love with Soak's private sales, other than the cool (inspiring!) set-up of a mini-bazaar with dressing rooms and all in the Makati resto-bar Ponticello--is that they also serve food and drinks!!! :D That's 4-cheese pizza, veg pizza, and margarita for me today!! :D

Hang out/shopping (Marj only, haha!) with Marj later on in Greenbelt. Long talk in UCC on her med life, my biz life, and generally, everything under the sun! I don't keep anything from her. =D I really missed Marj! She's super busy with her studies (Medicine in UST). But we swore, whoever gets rich first (haha!), will have to treat the other to a big time shopping spree!!! XD

Some fave-finds in Soak:
Luxor Halter

Nautical One-piece

Really gypsy-looking swimwear! ;p

Bought pieces from another brand before, though, so I stopped myself from getting anything kanina, although their dresses and cover-ups are also really nice! :D


  1. Sounds and looks like a lot of fun. And the bathing suits are gorgeous

  2. wow looks like loads of fun!

    For everything about fashion:

  3. Nathalie: Thanks! :D Arent the pieces really nice??? :D

    Missy: Thank you! =)


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