Off to Tagaytay!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Tie the trusty sneakers..

Ready the DSLR!

Put on shimmery make up..... (and nail polish!) =)

Ready your shades, head scarf, and floral shorts...

 Pack your bags!

and pile on the blings

Turn up the car stereo.......And gather your girls for the ultimate day-trip! =D 

Just to...
Laze around!

Drink some cold caffeine..

Take loads more photos......

..while FLYING! :D

Headed south yesterday with my bullies: Ana, Tamems, and Marj! :-)
Marj, who is on a two-week break from Med School, provided the ride, and the 4 of us had major road trip (just one whole day!) in the nearest vacation spot from our place: Tagaytay! Known for being a cold spot just around 2-hour away from Makati, we prepared our jackets only to be failed by summer's scorching heat. Oh but it got cold mid-afternoon! =)

Food (and photo!) trip in Bag of Beans, as recommended by my sister. Then off to People's Park to try the Zip Line! Then spent the rest of the day food tripping--cocktails (Cosmopolitan) at a grill place over looking the Taal, frozen yogurt with strawberries in a place witty-ly named "Flirt" (haha!), and then crepes (tuna for them, then banana with Nutella for everyone!) in Cafe Breton. Played good ol' Pictionary (reminiscing high school memories!). Laugh trips. Talks. Q&As. Sticks and sticks of cigarettes consumed. And more photo sessions. Oh the life! 

Since Tamems brought her SLR, I wasn't able to take lots of pics with my point-and-shoot. Will wait when she uploads her photos already--we all took turns "playing" with the jumbo camera, I'm sure lots of memories were captured in it! ;)

Hoping (or DEMANDING!) for a repeat, coz, hey! SUMMER IS JUST STARTING!!! :D

Song of the Day:
beautiful girls all over the world
i could be chasing but my time would be wasted
they got nothing on you baby
nothing on you baby
they might say hi and i might say hey
but you shouldn't worry about what they say
cos they got nothing on you baby
nothing on you baby
- Tamem's new fave, Nothin on You by B.O.B.


  1. ♥ your entry! izzz fun and nice! :D and it's fling not flirt, pero pwede na. nagsisimula naman sa flirting ang fling! haha :D

    nice nice post. i like how you interconnected the photos into one whole piece. cool!

  2. Hahahahah! :D Lagi akong mali sa ganung stuff, noh? Like Magic/Modern Toilet! Parang hindi ko nababasa yun mga words, may sariling pangalan siya sa isip ko hahaha =p

    Xo Tamemsky!


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