My Blue Room =)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

First of all, here are few pics of my room that I salvaged via my old Multiply account.

Back during the days I was an insomniac! =D --- No Sleep + Breakouts!!!
"I don't have sleep yet. I won't go to the derma. Please wake me up at 7am. Thank you!"

Guitar by the door (my friend Camille gave to me when we graduated in high school before she left for the States), which I don't use already. =p I was a frustrated musician!!!

Random what-nots. ;p 

Le Blue Room. Lived here since 2002, and felt the room is getting smaller n' smaller after converting it into my office-factory-storage-bedroom! It became a chaotic mess!

Under Construction. Slept for days at my ate's bed, since she's out on a beach trip in Bohol. ;p

Although I was planning on renovating my whole room into the black-white-gray-red palette. . . The moment my mom and the carpenter bought supplies for the shelves (nails, paints, woods,etc), add to that the labor fee, I decided to stick with blue, and leave the rest of the room untouched. With just the huge shelves and table on the side of my room, the ceiling repainted clean white, and buying myself a really BIG new bed cushion (I love low beds!)...I ended up with spending the budget I was planning for the whole room renovation (P10k+). I might have ended up with P20K if I stood firm with the original plan, but I guess this one's good to go. Besides, I love sleeping surrounded with hues of blues. Very relaxing like staring at the clouds or the sea. =)

Will take photos once I've cleaned up and arranged my things in my semi-new room. ;-) Can't wait to sleep in my new bed! :D

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