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Wednesday, June 30, 2010



I decided to transfer my red hearts cut-outs from my walls to my door. :-) I'll take a flying-kiss pose here soon! I think this paper cut-out wall art thing (inspired by looks prettier on white background! :)

I also moved the rainbow raindrops to the other side of the door (my room side). :-) Looks like it's going to flood today! ;p

What I placed in my walls are magazine cutouts, certificates I got from speaking engagements, magazine features of my online shop, etc. :)

Like a huge mood-board or collage! :) I'd like to fill the other spaces more, not near my "headboard" though, as the raindrops pre-this-design got crumpled when I place my pillow on them! :D 

I also (finally!) opened these pillows Ana gave to me as birthday present :) It stayed in the plastic for months, I am so excited to sleep tonight with new pillows!

I took this pic with my hand-mirror, which lies on my bedside. I wanted to post a photo of the hat (which I sell in my site) when no choice! Other than that, I also tried on my lipstick. It was an old purchase, but I haven't caught the courage of wearing bold lip colors when going out! :p Maybe this weekend!

While doing my "wall paper" thing, I also tried fixing up my messy room. I stumbled upon this big scrapbook that I was supposed to fill up with SUMMER 2009 memories...but laziness won and it's still empty. ;p I tore the first page, and decided to use this as a journal while I can't afford a Moleskin (yet) hehe! :) So excited, I kind of missed offline diary writing. :)

I was surfing the net awhile ago here in my computer, when I received a thank you text from my buyer who received her package which was shipped yesterday. I told her I really really appreciate her text..and got this reply. :) I have this trauma of receiving only bad news or business booboos, receiving warm messages like this...I sincerely say this made my day!!!

Can't wait to sleep in my redecorated room. :) My sisters were here awhile ago as we viewed my dad's new facebook page (akk! haha!) and stalked online stuff like the soon-to-open Forever21 here in Manila! Cea felt hungry, so I told her we go bring snacks up here in my room--the only bedroom where food and drinks are allowed in this house! ;) Haha! I am not too strict with these things, I actually love the camaraderie that forms when you bring in food for everyone! =) <3 


  1. Hi ana! I'm happy for you. Gosh you are slowly starting to really grow and now and your success continues :)

    Melai :)

  2. Thank you Melai! All for Him! :)

  3. really cool room, ms. ana! or shall i say "HIP" hehe. I used to put hearts on my door too hehe. but my mom wasn't too pleased with the idea. she's ms. tidy kasi =p but now im tempted agaiN! haha.

    and, ms. ana you are on of the best on line sellers i know :)

  4. Ava! :) Thanks! Naku I think my mom and ate are the misses oc-s in the family! kaya dream ko tong own room nung kids ako para walang pakeelaman! :D hahaha! :D and thank you so much sis!! all the good words from my buyers are my achievements!!! =)

  5. I really, really love that photo with the hat and hand mirror because your lips really stand out! Yay for bold lipcolor! :D

  6. I wish I am this creative! Your room is fantastic! Can you make over my room someday? haha! Jk. But seriously, it's super ganda. Neat looking. And I think the room really represents you. :D

  7. Krissy: weeee thanks sis! alam mo naman tayo we love to have stacks of lipsticks in different shades! :D havent mustered enough courage to wear one in public though! :p hay! gusto ko makabili nun bonbon pink!

    rosette! Heeheehee!! thanks sis! And who knows, baka next raket ko interior decorator with a twist haha! but thanks for saying it's neat! :D i am the messiest girl alive! hahaha! :D


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