It's Friday, I'm in love =)

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Worn yesterday, which was spent at the hot-hot malls of "Makats" (the heat felt so heavy, really! It felt like something solid! :D)--to watch Iron Man 2 and believe in super heroes of the modern world once again. =) I love you Tony Stark!

Sandwiching the film viewing were coffee shops and eat outs, walking around the mall with non-shopaholic Ana. We also went to Fully Booked (the only place that made my friend a "shopaholic" hehehe, and I am forever the chameleon--absorbing the wants of whoever's with me!). I bought Eat, Pray, Love. Ana got two books, the first James Patterson novel and the new Jodi Picoult. 

Post-movie, still high with the coolness and techie-ness of Iron Man, was spent in CBTL--for my dinner and Ana's coffee-ing. We were still full that Ana didn't want to eat, but I am the type who has "time" for her meals--that I can't miss out one of them even though I am "full". Hehe! It was raining again that night, a contrast to the hot morning/afternoon--you'll really never know what weather to expect to suit your outfit! ;p I enjoyed my denim skirt (thrifted!) and the blues ensemble accessorized with browns...but after the more than 2-hour coffee shop lazying around and cups and cups of water, I removed the skirt and actually went home like this:

Wore the shorts underneath the skirt, luckily--since the skirt acquired a black stain and got wet from rain (I actually don't know how, though, haha!)...Plus, I had a hard time riding a bus that night, people flocked the streets maybe because the sudden downpour disrupted the usual routines. Or maybe because it was a Friday night. ;-)


  1. ooh red mango!! had that yesterday too, ms. ana! mango and grahams naman! hehe and i love your outfit combo!! sweet!

  2. Thanks ava!! :) Wow I love grahams on my froyo too!!! :D Id like to try all toppings maybe three at a time...but i always end up with my standard blueberries-sliced almonds! ;p

  3. I love your outfit too! Love that denim skirt :)

  4. Thanks Melai! Yey to Thrift Hunters!!! <3


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