A Piece of Me .... In May 2010

Sunday, May 02, 2010

I am so proud of doing this on time for this month! Mwahahah! :D 
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Here goes mine:

I like: That it is finally THE election month! May 10 to be exact! And it will be my first time to vote on a national elections!!! :D

God bless the Philippines!

I don't like: Pretty much the weather. May calls for good summer-time heat, but no, it's raining at night! :D 

But since it's still hot though the downpour, I can still wear my favorite: shorts with oversized tops! :D

Necklace from my tita who went on a Holy Land tour. WOW.

Wore my new red lipstick. :)

The pants-less inspiration:

MK Olsen! :) 
(photo from google images)

I want you to know: That May 10 is also my bunsoy sister's birthday. Also, May 19-25 will be our Indo-China trip---if our Passport will be processed on time! May 26 is my dearest long-time friend Tamems' May is generally jam-packed!

I've planned: To follow Bo Sanchez's Choose To Be Wealthy. A book by the Pinoy pastor on the "8 habits of happy millionaires". It's about creating wealth with a purpose and real drive--to search for my own hunger, to be consistently aggressive, to create my own money machines, and to stick to my game. I love this simple and inspiring book! Fight! :D

I want to say to someone special: To quote a line from Bo Sanchez book: "Your weakness aren't God's call to develop them. They're simply God's invitation for you to work with others--and form teams." =)

We should stick together. I know we will make a good team, yo! ;) Haha!


  1. Yay for the new red lipstick! :D

    I hope we have an awesome May sis!

  2. Thanks sis! :) looking forward to this month...summer's last hurrah!! :D

  3. cute! love ur blouse :)

  4. I like your shirt!


  5. Thank you tywo! :D I am in love with vintage finds! :)


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