Me and my dad...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

...a year or 2 ago, during one of my "tindera" (seller) seasons! (Pre-Christmas!) =)

I love my dad because:
1. He can keep up being the ONLY GUY in our household. Talk about pressure of protecting 4 watching boxing/basketball channels by himself! ;-D
2. He is a good provider to his wife and daughters. Enough said.
3. He is funny--intended or not! ;-)
4. He is passionate about lots of things! I love people with sooo many's list includes martial arts, religion, music, The Beatles, yoga, farming, guitar, movies, dogs, tech stuff, etcetera. He never runs out of something to look forward to!
and 5th for this list, but never the last: He is a supportive father. 

In my "road-less-traveled" life, you wouldn't ask for anything else. =)

Ilang taon ka na ba talaga??? ;D


  1. Aww.. happy birthday kamo :] I think your dad & mine would hit it off--pareho sila eh, except maybe for the Beatles thing. My dad is team Elvis hehe ;p

  2. happy birthday tito! :D

  3. Hahaha ang cute! :-) Sa panahon kaya natin, anong "teams"? :-) hehehe! :D I love daddies! :)

    Tamems?? Is that you?? Hehehe! Thanks daw sabi ni dad! :)


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