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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Inside photos of the insert in our first album. Hahaha just fooling around! 

I once thought that someday I will form my own band. My skills just weren't inclined to anything music-related! ;p On my recent malling with Marj, we went to Lyric--a music store--to buy her Ate Mariel's tuner and guitar capo. I remembered that in my college years, I studied electric guitar in a SM Manila music store..And finished the course without learning a thing (haha).

Time passed and I got over the banda phase...I called my little group of friends the Bullies because they are just so fond of bullying me (hahaha! ahem!). I am not part of the Bullies, though..I'll always explain that I am the one being bullied...thus Anagon and the Bullies is born..which sounds like a nice band name to me! ;-) haha!

Album cover--harhar!

Anyway, went out with the Bullies few days ago, ate a WHOLE 4-cheese pizza and garlic-y pasta with Ana at Capricciosa (YUMMY!!)...Red Mango froyo with Ana and Me-an, then watched the Clash of the Titans--which Ana and I thought should be titled Gods vs Humans or something, haha!

2nd time I left my camera, and have to rely on my camera phone's grainy shots ;p 
Getting forgetful!

My mint nails (more-of neon green in person, hah ;p)...and my patterned leggings from a super nice buyer Jowan. =)

Will be going out again with the "band" this weekend to continue or Viet-Cambodia trip planning. =) Also, to book hotels, and renew our passports. Hopefully, over froyo, pizza, and another movie again! :D Weee!

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  1. Haha, that band name is so adorable. I think I also wanted to found a band... childhood dreams, haha.
    Looks like a great night out and your leggings are rad

  2. Ate Anaaaaaa!!! :] Anagon & the Bullies... Haha, I like! We should tour together hehe. I miss you! I didn't know you dabbled in guitar playing...sayang di mo tinuloy, it's so much fun & even therapeutic (at least for me it is hehe)

    Added your blog link to my friends page :] Btw, having a domain is fairly simple. I got mine from although the promo package I'm using is now gone. Right now their cheapest is around 1,200 for a year, magkasama na domain name & hosting

  3. Nathalie: Haha! =D I guess everyone went through the "one with the band" phase! =)Thanks so much! We love green nails this season! :)

    Imee: Waaah! Haha! Kelan ang ating asian/world tour? hahaha! :D Wow you play the guitar pala sis! :D Tinry ko nun highschool acoustic lang, but hindi nako nag improve since then. ;p pero fun parin..but dapat bigyan ng time, noh? ;p

    Naku I want a url but sa blogger parin ako siguro naka "pwesto" at user friendly hehe...youre good with web designing, buti ka pa! :)


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