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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I. Anagon Collection now just A N A G O N.
Last night, I tinkered with my online shop in the hopes of making it look like Forever21's website.

What happened, though, was from having a super hip and colorful site (I ordered/made by Xyla, a year ago)...

I now have an online shop that is soooo simple...I'm not sure if it is "good-simple" or the "boring-simple". ;p

I am into different arts/art medium...but techie-art forms are a big challenge to me ever since! I can't make layouts, use the CSS, or make really cool photo-edits. ;p I guess I'll still need to ask help from the experts again when I have the budget. ;p

II. Hachiko
The family watched Cea's recommended film a few days ago, on DVD. It is titled Hachiko, starring Richard Gere. This based-on-real-life movie is about the heartbreaking dog-owner relationship, and the value of loyalty and unconditional love. Really a tear-jerker! The family loves Hachiko!

photo from wikipedia

Who loves dogs here? I remembered telling Ana, while we watched people walking their cute dogs during our morning outdoor Starbucks coffee-ing near her workplace, that if I have a choice, I want to be with someone who loves dogs as much as I do. Must Love Dogs--just like another movie title goes.
Ana said: Ako, basta Must Love Me. Haha!  

III. The TV Guesting
Same day that we went to DFA for our passport issue (blogged HERE)...While waiting for 10am (Ana's call time), an unregistered number texted me saying:

Helo mam. =) dis is lei of Unang Hirit. Wud u b available 2day po for the shoot abt wired accessories? kaht po aftr lunch sna. meron pOng intrvw abt tips on taking cre of acesories at demo on hw to make dis accessories. sori 4 such a short notice. tnx po.

For the first time in my 4 years of accessories-making and selling, I was invited for a TV interview--with no less than one of the top morning shows in our country!!! (Unang Hirit)

I don't know what spirit possessed me that afternoon, but I replied to the text with a polite decline of the invitation!!! Then, I was thinking of the materials I will use for the demo--which is a 2-hour drive all the way home--and another 2 hours going back to their studio. In short, I was just being a big LAZY bones! But now I realized how I wasted an opportunity--just like that! ;p

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