Crazy Day!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I don't know how to react! =/
First of all, I just discovered that the photog that I was supposed to be collaborating tomorrow who backed out a few days ago because of family-related reasons, just posted in her Tumblr that she will have an epic-shoot with some other people also tomorrow! It's sad!

Other than that, the automated elections proved to be fast that we get updates from news by-the-minute! Learned that there were candidates leading or 2nd in the race who weren't really deserving of the position! Protests everywhere in my Facebook bulletin board! Still praying for the best, though...

Anyway, bad news aside, the day actually started well! :) First, it's Cea's (my youngest sister) Birthday!! =D We planned to vote early morning, but knowing my nocturnal family--we all woke up late and watched updates from the news and through Facebook (learned how others lined up for 5 hours to vote while some just voted for a few minutes!). Family opted to vote at around 4pm!

In the main precinct in my area, my name and Cea's weren't found in the database, but luckily we didn't easily gave up and we saw our names and id photos at a supplementary list with the rest of first time/late registered voters--which was held by the COMELEC representatives! :D The looong ballot and the thick marker actually made my voting a bit uncomfortable, and my ballot was turned down by the machine once, but after that, all was well! :-)

making crazy faces with our indelible ink-marked fingers! ;p haha!

Dad and mom were assigned in another precinct (HASSLE! I know!) so we sisters went ahead to the mall to wait for them while eating, strolling, etc. For Cea's birthday dinner, we went to ATC and ate at the new Amici there! :-) We all reminisced on the old Amici di Don Bosco in Makati! :D
Anyway, photos! :)

night time already when mom and dad finished voting! crazy face number 2! ;p

birthday girl's own crazy face. ;p

mommykins voted!

daddykins showing his "dirty finger"! haha!

busy achi, show us your clean fingers! ;p

mozarella sticks

Meaty pasta for the family's meat lovers!

vegetarian pasta for the family's "herbivores" and trying to be herbivore! hehe!

This pasta is deceiving that I actually scooped some when I realized that this isn't for the veg., but actually has meat sauce! :D haha!

meaty pizza

And 4-Cheese Pizza...for everyone! Coz we all love cheeese!!! =D

By the way, and since TODAY is national elections day, I wore this shirt I owned since my high school years, hahaha!

It was a shirt given away by my classmate Jem when she ran for SC elections! ;p Those were the days when politics wasn't that bad, campaigns were more creative (a lot were baduy these days!) and elections were guaranteed CLEAN. ;-) I guess school elections practiced us for real-world politics!

Another thing! A project I made today with my blank blue room walls:

Test shot after bathing so forgive the wet hair, haha!

Inspired from! I am actually making the red hearts wall too, but will try to fill the raindrops with moremore...raindrops! :D

I love the colors these added in my room! :) To happy good vibes! :D
(sorry for my messy bed, i was tossing things around, haha)

It's just tooooo hot here in Manila, I can't wait for June rains and wear my bright hot pink windbreaker again! :D


  1. your wall is so cool! you are very creative. in regards to election, whoever wins, God bless Philippines!


  2. SaraJ: Thank you so much! I just love pizza-pasta! :D

    Betz: Thank you so much! And yes, God bless the Philippines! Hope the next 6 years will be for progress, just like the new automated process of the elections!

    Pixie Dust: Thankyou! :) Will check that out :)


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