Watching my room flood with colors :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

On weather news inside my room, today it rained harder than yesterday I thought there was a storm!

Stared too hard...

Heeh. That colors spilled even on my nails! :D

Colors induce creativity for me. Like producing these wild head wreaths for my online shop! :-) Flowers...the signs of sweet May. =)
Can't wait to "realize" what's next for my projects list. =) =) I hope it "rains" more ideas on the coming days!!

I can stare in this wall forever. ;p


  1. I love love love this!
    I love decorating my room with so many colors!
    This idea is genius!


  2. Thank you! I also love your colorful photos and poetic posts! =)

  3. super creative, ms. ana!:) i miss doing DIY stuffs on my wall :)

  4. Yes! :D I missed this too sis..! Slept with blank walls din for weeks, iba parin pala pag colorful hehehe :D


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