I am so back everyone!!! =D

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How's everybody??? I seriously missed all of my online homes, shop, and online friends!! :) So that was how it felt to cut all connections--leaving my cell phone at home, and not having Facebook access because it was banned in these countries! I just got back from a 7-day trip to IndoChina with my bully friends, and although Vietnam and Cambodia doesn't have the thrilling theme parks Hongkong offered to us on our last trip....The experience was a different kind to love!

We actually stayed on 4 different hotels, had 12-hour bus rides from one country to another and back, relearn the 2 countries' history through the tours we took, food trip galore (in search for the Best Mango Shake! hah!, coffee-trip (coz this one I shouldn't miss out!) and generally just soaked ourselves in these rich-cultured countries!

Manila Airport, waiting for our plane ;p

First hotel: Ruby Red in Saigon. We stayed there for the night and for the buffet breakfast, then off we go to a long busride to Cambodia!

We arrived in Ho Chi Minh at around 2.30 am, so imagine perspiring even at this time of the day! ;p "Heat is on in Saigon"--as the famous broadway musical puts it!

I also took videos of different places and experiences we had (like riding the tuktuk all the time to take us to places--coz Cambodia doesn't have a cab!). I wanted to make my first Vlog through these vids, but I only got to say "Hi everyone!" in all videos, hahaha! ;p I'll still think about it if I'm going to post the vids here,hehe!

Fixing myself for my supposedly first Vlog!

I don't know what to say! ;p

So, as usual, dinaan ko sa tawa!  ;p 
(I laughed it off)

More kwentos (stories) next time! ;-) I have to come up with the ultimate "Indochina blog" but I am still tired. My pockets are also drained I almost cried on our last day (srsly. hahaha)...but now I realized that a big experience such as exploring a whole new world is worth every centimos I have! :-) 

Still on Viet-Cambodia-Bullies high!!! =)



  1. Welcome back sis! I missed youuuu! I can't wait to read the rest of your posts! :D

  2. Thank you so much sis! :) I am so excited to tell more stories from our trip...I hope I wouldnt bore you guys!! :)
    I missed you too!!! Text2 tomorrow!!!!

  3. I love your hair anagon!- Jam

  4. wah jam! :D salamat! my first DIY hair dyeing at home....akala ko fail, thank you! ;p Haha!


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