i saw (or heard!) the sign! :-)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I heard this song in Abbie's Facebook, which she posted in memory of her mother who passed away.

As Abbie said: "

One morning in 2006, I woke up in my Parents' old room in my Lolo's house in Palawan to my Father strumming the guitar and my Mom singing this song. That moment was beautiful beyond words."

I was moved. So, while surfing the net, I continued playing on repeat this Youtube vid. The voice, the lyrics--It was all heartfelt.

I can't remember, but I guess it was while reading Eat Pray Love, I decided to ask God for a sign. I don't know for what action; lately I seem to be wanting a lot (not only material things). But I did remembered asking Him that the sign was if this song will be played in this coming Sunday's The Feast.

And I was only entering the The Feast's venue with my family awhile ago, when I heard Through It All being played by the band.

If only I can remember why I asked for this sign! The song was even played all throughout the event--it was the main song for the theme! All I know is, what I was asking for are all good dreams.

  • I want to tryout being an intern for fashion magazines, although I am not a college student anymore who is required to look for OJTs. I want to learn styling and fashion shoots first hand. 
  • I want to have my own physical shop. 
  • I want to collaborate with this-day artists: models, photographers, hair and make up artists, stylists--of this generation. I want to learn from them. I want to someday tell my kids that I've worked with this person or those people. We collaborated in creating something beautiful. =)
  • Lastly, I want to give time in volunteer works. I miss that part of me, back in high school when I spend my Saturdays teaching in Pandacan. I want to be part of a ministry, and serve Him not only by just handing small money during Sunday masses, but more on spending time for others.

Like Liz Gilbert of Eat Pray Love, I want to find my own balance in Pleasure and Devotion. Maybe this sign is generally saying I have to go out there again and do something.

You are forever in my life
You see me through the seasons
Cover me with Your hand
And lead me in Your righteousness

And I look to You
And I wait on You

I will sing to You, Lord
A hymn of love
For Your faithfulness to me
I'm carried in everlasting arms
You'll never let me go
Through it all

Hallelujah, hallelujah 


  1. it's a very beautiful song, sis. really inspiring :) I attended one feast before at valle verde and bo sanchez was the speaker. we were super blown away :) it's a great thing.

  2. P.S. good luck with the physical store! i also want one hehe

  3. Thank you Ava! :) That song is really inspiring :)And wow, bo sanchez himself! :D That I need to experience din sometime ;)
    Good luck to us entreps--and to our future tangible, real, physical store!!! =)


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