Angkor Wat Tour

Friday, May 28, 2010

Third day of our trip was spent in Angkor Wat, Siem Reap Cambodia. We alarmed really early, it was still dark outside, to catch the beautiful sunrise of this foreign country in a proper location...and basked in the heat for the rest of the day...touring the religious structures (by feet and by tuktuk), Khmer architectures, and temples of this Cambodia Must-See. 
Angkor Wat = "City Temple".

(a favorite in this tour...climbing this unfinished temple, and being helped by a local to go up--and down! the steep stairs, while lecturing us with interesting trivia of the structure and the places near it.)

For Little Miss Geek like me, I enjoy a little history lessons, and culture-dipping once in a while. :-)



  1. i haven't been to cambodia ever and i really will keep that in my notebook as one of the places i wanna go to :) i've only been to bangkok and they're kinda similar but still! i wanna go seeing the's pretty!

  2. yes ava! :) theyre super similar (cambodia and thailand/bangkok) ...even their markets and the souvenir staples with the elephant design! ;p

  3. So much fun!


  4. thanks tywo! you are awesome! :)


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