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Sunday, May 30, 2010

For me, that is.

For the world might be full of concerns and obstacles, but in the end, I guess my ultimate goal is to have good relationships with my family and friends. =) That's what I learned in The Feast for the past few times I have attended it. And also in all Bo Sanchez books I've read.

The theme for this Sunday was No Rush. To live in your now/the present. To savor every moment. To keep in mind that "Wherever you are, be there." so you wouldn't one day say "where did my life go?"

"We crucify ourselves between two thieves: Regret for yesterday and fear of tomorrow."
- Fulton Oursler

And although with the topic, the speaker Arun Gogna said in his talk to "Deliberately take lots of vacations." To waste time with loved ones, and to put people first before things. I love this! :-) 

Venti Frap with my little sister Cea = also means putting time and money for her. =)

Saturday, on the other hand, was spent with my barkada (group of friends). Met with Alli in Greenbelt (after months of not seeing her!!!), while she was transacting for her Mac Book purchase (omg!)...

Later on, Ana showed up after her taxi ride with a cab driver who talked nothing but politics. ;p We had coffee in CBTL while Alli tested her new laptop. =D I was not into viewing albums of my Facebook friends if they're loaded with their faces from Macbook's Photobooth-ing, but when I tried out the feature with Alli and Ana, being vain can really be addicting! Haha!

Alli left in an hour for mass with her family, that is, after she purchased some items from my site to help me out financially (Which for me is the sweetest. Really!). She even texted me sorry for not staying too long, and she enjoyed the company, and a repeat soonest must be planned. I love her for that. =)

Ana and I waited for Marj and Me-an at around 4.30pm in Red Mango, and decided to just watch any movie first to waste time since the girls texted they'll arrive at around dinner time. Robin Hood was super cool, although wasn't raved too much. Ana and I actually enjoyed the the famous thief-for-the-poor's history. =) Didn't expect the film to be too long though, when we finished it, Marj and Me-an had to go somewhere else already. ;p 

Ana and I ate at our usual place when we don't want to spend too much: Kitchen--just to say I had my dinner coz I cannot just miss a meal. ;p Haha! Ana had mozarella sticks (which look yummy!) because she said she was full already from our coffee-froyo-popcorn pre and during movie watching. I feel I'm such a big eater for ordering pasta, hehe! We also stayed in CBTL post-dinner to waste time. :-) Wasting time with a friend = really so much fun. =) 

taking photo of the photobooth. ok weirdo. haha!

Decided to sleep over again at Ana's even though I wasn't prepared. After I texted my mom to inform her of the spontaneous not-going-home tonight, she suddenly called in my phone and I was nervous she might get mad because I'm always like this..but I only got a laughing mother at the end of the line asking how my day was. =) I love my family!

Outfit for the day! :-) "The perfect white dress" I bought in a department store, accessorized with blues and browns. =) I wore shorts underneath, which is the peeping denim, because it was really hard to be a commuter here (or anywhere else, I guess!). On the go life! I thought it will be a rainy day and my sun dress might get wet and dirty and out of place, but the weather proved it's unpredictability once again as it was hot hot the whole day! =p

Ending this post with more of our photo booth camwhoring! ;p Forgive the once in a blue moon narcissist attack! ;p

Thank God for friends and family. =) <3

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