Touch the Color!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

I was supposed to wear an oversized yellow blouse today to go to The Feast and mass and eat with the family at Festival Mall..but decided against wearing one-dominant color when I realized that TOMORROW is finally the elections! Instead, I wore:

In short, I am wearing all political colors today! :D I just want to symbolically state that I have no block party--and will vote selected people from all the different parties whom I think deserve the position. So yellow, red, orange, green--I'll go for the colors of the rainbow FTW! (For the win!)

Today is also mother's day, and I love celebrating this simple Hallmark-made holiday just because--don't we just love our moms? They're the most selfless and caring.

Happy Mother's Day Mom! :) (Photo from a bazaar last year ;))

Anyway, it was my first time to attend The Feast with the family today, since the past weekends, I was always  sleeping over my friends' houses. Haha! I love that a Catholic group formed such, usually these are Christian-formed! The Feast was founded by Bo Sanchez, a Filipino preacher.

The speaker today was Arun, who was really good. I love when he said "Pinagisipan ka" (You were thought of) or God planned us...and so we are all individually wonderful. We shouldn't suffer from "comparisonitis" or comparing ourselves from other people, and just be who we are. The worst thing is fulfilling other people's dreams. He also showed to us this video clip, which is a really interesting commercial! :D

He ended his talk by saying something like, isn't it nice that at our old age, in a rocking chair, we wouldn't sigh from regrets, but instead, say that "I have lived my life as I am, the best that I can be. Ang sarap ng buhay." (Life is beautiful). =)

Title: Touch the Color is one of the lazy-afternoon childhood games I played--which whole point was someone will be saying to a group of "contestants" Touch the coloooor.....brown! And then the first one to touch an object in the said color won. ;p 



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