Lunch-out with Tamems =)

Friday, May 07, 2010

With just one text, Tamems and I met-up awhile ago in Rob Place after my UST meet-up and before my suppliers meet-up. Since it was a really on-the-go day, I opted to wear comfy clothes: My pink cropped top with gray tank peeping underneath, a pair of denim shorts, sky blue soft flats, chain-fringe necklace, and tied my hair really tight--I knew before leaving the house that Manila will still be hell-hot! ;p

Since I know (and I'm sure!) Tamems is the type who wouldn't choose where we will eat (haha!) I decided we have lunch at my favorite: Mexicali! Ordered my usual Combo 5 of veg burrito with cheese and garlic quesadillas, with free nacho chips and iced tea. I always look forward to Mexicali's different dips and sauces!!! I love tasty food--and variety of tastes! =p

Was planning on making my first Vlog with my cellphone videocam while Tameme was with me, but I hesitated and thought of making one next time nalang. =p

Necklace Tamems ordered from my site! :D Haha! Even my friends were asking for discount! ;D Hahaha!
I'll always say that good thing both my sisters (we are all-girls sibs) weren't so much into fashion and accessorizing, I don't have to worry about ransacked room and missing pieces! ;D Haha!

Tamem's third purchase for the day! :D She bought the necklace from me, a Melissa sandals on sale in Rustans (pretty pair!), and these killer heels!!! =D It's so hard to be with me when you're in the mall when you don't want to shop. I can't find the words to say that these aren't good buys...because, hey, at P1300 (around $28!).... they are!!! =D

Here's what Tamems looks like when she's taller than me! EEP NO! :D Haha!
The shoes also made her leaner!!! What a steal! 

Vain pics/Outfit shots/necklace I made this morning while dressing up--yup just for this outfit. =p

Why so sad? 
Swiping that evil plastic again! =D

Tamems said "Buti nalang mahilig ka din sa fashion noh?" (Good thing you're also into fashion)...

What a lonely world it is without people to gush with on that pretty shoes, the cool fashion blogger discovery, or that latest trendy color! =D


  1. I really like your shopping pictures. Your shirt is sooo cute. And those heels really are killer :)

  2. Thank you Nathalie! :D Im sure my friend will loveit that her choice really is a good choice to other's perspective! :D

  3. awwww looks amazing!

    awesoem heels!

  4. Thank you Mel! :) Heels really are lovely, hopefully i can stand them next time ;p

  5. anagon, thanks for accompanying me! shopping buddy ka talaga :D sa next shopping ulet, mga next next month ulet! haha!

  6. Hahahah! :D Ipon ipon muna tamems!!! excited nako for viet! weee! :D


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