All you need is...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

When there's no more fuel left for retail therapy, I actually feel a stronger pull to getting creative (and plan more DIYs!). :) 

When getting a new pair of shoes isn't possible, happiness actually comes from something more that matters. 
You tend to be closer with what's within you: May it be a) Your True Self, or b) An all-powerful all-knowing above-cosmos we call God. 

Any of the two, whatever your perspective decides, is actually the true source of my happiness. 
I actually caught myself saying a prayer every morning for the past days--an unusual habit for me. I actually like it. =)

Love. As they said, it's something that you can freely give and give, and wouldn't run out of. The exception to the math rules. Dividing love multiplies it.

A relationship-based life. With family and friends. =)
It's my greatest goal! :)

As said in a Murakami novel on sheeps, "The wad showed no sign of going down no matter how many bills I used. Only I showed signs of wear. There's that kind of money in the world. It aggravates you to have it, makes you miserable to spend it, and you hate yourself when it's gone. And when you hate yourself, you feel like spending money. Except there's no more left. And no hope."

Coz in the end, all you need is Love! :-)

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