I miss having first day of school!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

All blog entries and Face Book statuses of friends and online buddies are all about going back to school. There's Ava's "what's in my bag school edition", and Marla's little sister's first day of school in St. Scho--my grade school and high school home! :-) Geo called me again randomly awhile ago and told me about EDSA's traffic jam, not only because of the rains, but also because most classes started already today!

There's the news from Cea that La Salle already has it's own Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf inside their library. Told her I wonder if UST also got it's own cool-coffee-shop inside the campus now...or do we still have the good ol' Reader's Cafe--my tambayan (hangout place) during my college years of mental blocks when I have to write something for school or for a magazine I was contributing for then. I discovered the love of Me-Time and Libraries and Coffee in Reader's Cafe! Oh I miss that life!

Reader's Cafe with "my good friend Hazee"! :) Circa 2007! :p

In the University of the Philippines, I got a news from my buyer -slash- part of the organizers of the university planner that the project will be out already! ANAGON will be part of the planners' section of coupons: freebies and discounts along with Schu, Cerealicious, Trunk Show, Tomato, etcetera!

I am so proud of this! =) Isn't it cute too that planners are being produced everywhere already? :D Before, it was only Starbucks and Candy Mag's own Planner, hehe!

I miss hanging out before classes start, or in between classes. I miss buying notebooks and pens for new subjects, plus the new professors to meet. And hoping he or she is absent for the first day (haha!). I was almost always part of block sections, so I rarely go through "getting to know you" first days. ;p I miss entering then a classroom filled with familiar faces, some will even greet you "Good moring Anagon!", while others will just go about with their daily business, copying their seatmate's homework or pretending to read a novel in a room of noisy rowdy adolescents. Seriously!

I miss review-cramming for a test for a terror teacher after the break. I miss long breaks! I miss having to watch cool films or plays, or read nice selection of books because they were required for a subject. Hell I even miss watching and reading boring films, plays, and books just because we were required to do so for a subject! I miss getting all rebellious--saying "I don't know" when I really don't know the answer in a graded recitation. Or acting with the rest of the class that a quiz wasn't announced, till the professor just gave up and thought she really didn't set a quiz for the day at all (true story!).

In short, I miss the crazy school life. =p I hope you enjoy yours while you are there. =)

Hippie senior college headband, orange nails, religious bracelets, beaded ID lace, and all the works. ;) Haha!


  1. wow you were already stylish in high school :) i miss high school as well. the uniforms, going in the SAME classroom everyday and MY SCHOOL BUS.

    wow congrats with the UP planner..looks cool!:) i bought the blog berry this year. lotsa coupons!

    waaah i envy DLSU!! i want our own coffee shop too! sigh. oh well, there's always starbucks.=p

  2. hihihi ! :D it was actually from college na sis! :D i wore uniform hanggang college, wah! :D but i love my school bus too way back gradeschool, riot roadtrip since i studied in manila (stscho! :)) and went home pa south pa :D

    yes! there's still good ol starbucks hihi! :) see you around taft sis! :) ilove you dlsu/csb students! :)

  3. i miss student life so bad... :)


    PS: My friend and I started a new blog about NYC. There's so much more about this city beyond Carrie Bradshaw's Manolos. You might wanna visit this blog too (and feel free to follow!) :)

  4. its an interesting blog betz! :) following!!! :)

  5. aha! you're a thomasian? AB???:)

  6. and you're a koolasa too??? I'm from St. Scho too but in Marikina:)

  7. Yes yes yes Pax!!! =D UST AB and then StScho Mla Highschoool!!! :) Weee Kulasas!!! :D <3


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