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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Again, it's so lonely to be an online seller at times. Now that more people are opting for shipment than meet-up, I am going out of the house less and less (though on loads of rest-time, no complaints here! hehe!). I have nothing to do, or was it with something I read in the newspaper, or was it missing my writing stint way back, but I started a new project: Anagon's Travel Blog. I want to keep all my out-of-home stories in one online journal so I can make something out of all the big planning, spending, etc. :) I started with my first ever out-of-the-country trip without my parents, and using only funds from my own pockets: Circa 2008's Bangkok trip with Marj. :-)

I had mental blocks while trying to rewrite ancient history (haha), and so I only finished this entry. More pen-pushing (or keyboard-pushing? nyenye) tomorrow! :-) Which I guess is also good, to exercise my writing! :)

It's still a work in progress, but if you're interested, do check out Anagon's Travel Blog! =)

On another note, I was invited by the La Salle's Writing Guild to speak for their seminar on....* drum-roll please!*....Buh-Lo-Ging! Hahaha! I was hesitant at first, since I wasn't really a Pro Blogger, but the organizer (slash-my constant buyer!:)) Megann said the speaker doesn't have to be one! :) So excited with this engagement, will try to come up with interesting points tomorrow...wish me (Ms. Shy Type) all the luck! :-) Yey!

Lastly, to keep up with adding more colors in my life literally, here are some new whathaveyous in my  online shop, my room, my ...arm? :D Hahaha!

This is a sticker tattoo that lasts for 2 days or more. :D Trying how it feels like having color in my arm, just in case my mom one-day turns out to be liberal about this, haha! (Also checking out her reaction, haha)

Old key chain with a funny statement. :)
Fit for me, if I may say so for myself. ;p Haha! You'll never know what I'll do next!

Some of the new quirky rings I made for my online shop. :-)
A bow, a cigarette pack, and a zipper! :)

One of my current plans this mid-year is to learn shipping internationally, and receiving payment from abroad! =)

That's all! :-) Time to hit my dashboard and read your blog entries! :-)


  1. Love this cute tattoo and those rings are really funny

  2. I am IN LOVE with the bow ring, so purrty! I want kaso super tipid mode for my Sing/Malaysia trip :D

    Yay for new blogs! I'll follow that din :)

    And sis, congrats on that stint on the seminar, good luck and wow them all! :D

    And hey, I want a tattoo talaga, ayaw ako payagan x_x

  3. Hihihi thanks Nathalie! :) Quirk is always awesome! :)
    Krissy! Wah I want to try asking my mom, pero never ako nag attempt, takot ako sa rejection hahahaha! :D Thanks sa support sis!! :)


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