How do you spend your weekends?

Sunday, June 06, 2010

In one of Ava's recent blog posts, she asked what we love about weekends. I realized that my weekends are the best coz they're spent with loved ones. No work (or...little work!)...and time to go out of the house (since I work online and stay at home most of the time) to have plain wholesome fun! 

For the past months or so, Saturdays are regularly spent with friends. Most of the time, I go out with the people who are available (Hi Ana!), or the ones who invite me on malling or movie-watching or coffee breaks. I love them for wanting to meet up with me! :) As I've said, being an online seller made me a loner. No friends at "work"! ;p 

Then Sundays, I attend The Feast with the family, then straight to mass inside the mall, and then dinner+grocery/mall strolling. At this Sunday's The Feast, the topic is on "no small living". The speaker said something like "you don't even have to be bad, just be busy." By having time for both my family and friends, or those who care to be with me, I know that I am sharing also my love. Money is hard, but sharing time I guess is always more than enough.

One of my fave scenes: karaoke of the girls! :)
As blogged last night, I watched SATC 2 with Ana yesterday, and had great time laughing over Samantha's antics, teary eyed at the first scene when great New York city was shown (oh a dream to go there!) and their great friendship...And of course, drooled over the girls' clothes and luxury vacation! =D

The plan of yours truly was to wear an SATC-ish outfit for the movie, but I thought it might be too much. Although I saw a pretty lady in the cinema wearing a white dress similar to Carrie's. I'd like to tell her "nice dress!" but then, I am too shy and not really the bibo type. ;p Haha!

I was planning to wear this white harem jumpsuit I got from Cambodia, selling pieces in different colors too in my online shop. Something that resembles one of Carrie Bradshaw's attire in the film (hehe!). I was afraid though to be costumey, and wearing all-white when commuting on a rainy day can be messy and a hassle--so I just opted for the Library Girl Look (haha!)

Necklace I made for a new collection--pendants with lines from Dashboard Confessional's Hands Down. =)

Pre and Post Movie Munching:
Tried plain frozen yogurt (froyo) with the bigger tumbler size than my usual order. =D


Mine: Veg Thai Spring Rolls

Ana's Gising Gising (spicy coconut-based dish with ground pork)

To share: mine's the vegetables, ana gets the porkchop

shared coffee by the two Anas

There! :) See, I will be watching a play with some friends in the next 2 weeks, an event organized also by our friend. The price of the tickets reserved for us turned out to be much more than I expected (and can afford! ;p) but I still went for it. I might have first-reaction regrets for being Ms. Game! on everything, but hell, what is wrong with supporting friends? :) It's not because "mayaman" ako (I am rich), because the world knows how I can't afford even just a department store tee I saw awhile ago. It's just that I love being there for people dear to me as much as I can. 


  1. That yellow looks cute on you! :)

  2. aww, you should've worn that white harem jumpsuit! it's very Carrie, indeed!

    also, i've never tried froyo w/o the toppings. how is it?

    thanks for dropping by my blog, btw! :)

  3. T: Thanks so much! :) Stay awesome! :)

    Gela! Yey, I really love your hats, browsing through lookbook, your style really caught my attention! :) Yey to Genevieve Gozum/Yrys for their cool (and affordable) hats! :)
    Froyo without toppings is good! :D Pero nagsawa kagad ako, ok pala talaga may blueberries and almonds for variety of taste hehe! ;)

  4. hihi thanks for the special mention, ms. ana :)

    i haven't watched SATC. =( i sooo envy you. is it any good? and I love the SATC-like jumpsuit!:) even though you didn't go for it i still like the library look!:)

    nice new shell piece!:) yummy food!!

  5. Thanks too Ava!! :)
    The jumpsuit is cool noh? :D maybe next time! :) id like to make / comeup with an satc collection, sana matuloy! :)

  6. I love the jumpsuit! Kaso I feel hindi bagay sa akin, I'll stick with the jumper shorts XD

    Pretty handmade necklace, reminds me of the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind handmade necklace I got from you rin :)

  7. hihihi! :D thanks for liking the jumper shorts sis!! :) and yes, yun na ata last kong capiz-art work, eternal sunshine :) dont we love cheesy lines from that good movie, or that great song? :)


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