Where is Jenny?

Monday, June 07, 2010

Hello everyone! Photo above is Jenny, a gay beggar in the streets of La Salle/Benilde/St.Scho--near my high school, and where I go to every meet-ups.

Jenny isn't the ordinary beggar you'll get pissed off for asking and asking everyday. In fact, he was amusing. He's always around the outside vicinity of La Salle, telling stories to random people, helping us cross the busy streets (it's really hard to do cross Taft Avenue--with all the fast-paced jeeps and FX!), and I always see him with a rainbow umbrella on rainy days--shielding the students from getting wet. And yes he is gay, I see him more than enough doing this to random cute guys:


But he is harmless. Cea, my sister who studied in DLSU, said that in their informal flyer for freshmen students, Jenny was mentioned as the beggar that you shouldn't be afraid of. In fact, one time in McDo with my mom, he sat next to us and told us stories warning us of a new modus operandi (while calling my mom "mommy!") : laptop snatchers wearing formal polo and slacks you wouldn't think they're up to no good. Jenny's heart is for the students.

He also pointed out schedules of the first day of La Salle/CSB/St.Scho. He knew the ins and outs of these three schools he came to love--and loves him back. He will call all girls "ganda" (beautiful) and all the boys "pogi" (handsome). He was the sweetest.

Jenny making it in the school magazine cover! :D

A few days ago, there were rumors that Jenny died because of multiple organ failure. From an article in Facebook (here), I confirmed the story, and found out that he was hospitalized in PGH, and although he wasn't feeling well, he even said this:

Jenny: "Uwi na tayo. Papasok na ako sa lasalle, me pasok na sa katapusan"

Ate Elvie: "Pano ka papasok, eh me sakit ka pa, pagaling ka muna..." 

(Jenny: "Let's go home. La Salle will have it's first day of classes by the end of the month."
Ate Elvie: "How can you go there, you're still sick. Get well first."

It was a heart breaking story. My Facebook is now flooded with stories of Jenny. The three Taft schools organized a motorcade for Jenny tomorrow, which is also the internment in his home town. They'll all wear yellow, Jenny's favorite color. There were students who also visited his wake, based on the numerous fan pages made for him. I wonder if his family knows about Jenny's popularity in La Salle/Benilde/St. Scho. Jenny is a "legend"--as my sister will say. I will surely miss him!

Taft will never be the same without you.

Jenny and the students! :)

Always making other people laugh with his antics! 

...And hugging random people!!! :D

This school year, we ask:

Photos from this site.  Also in this site. Thank you Admins. Long Live Jenny from the Taft!


  1. It's so heartbreaking that such a kind person had to go. Taft won't ever be the same without him! I will always remember him going up to me when I'm alone in McDo waiting for my friends and he'll just wait with me. I think he's the only beggar ever allowed inside KFC or McDo or other fast food establishments within the vicinity! His heart really is for the students (I like that statement btw! :D). Grabe, I also remember appearing in a short film with him! Super bait talaga.


  2. Megann! Ang sad talaga...And I realized sya nga lang ata ang nakikita kong pumapasok pasok lang ng mcdo hihi! :) taft will never be the same. =p But it's nice to have a "Jenny-experience"..:) And wow a short film with jenny! sikat talaga siya sa students, ang cute isipin :)
    see you soon megann!

  3. late ko na nabasa ito.....huhuhuhuhuhuh
    pinag uusapan namin kanina ito na friend ko na teacher sa dlsu
    and bigla ko naalala na..kumusta na nga pala si jenny..

    got the idea to google it..and boom!!! saw the fb page tribute and this blog :(

    met him nung 2004


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