Three "currently loves" addition. =)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Added new stuff in my sidebar thing, like the "currently listening to", and the "currently loves.."
I wish I can go active with Twitting again. ;p Maybe if activate Twitter in my phone or something.

Happy List:

1) Made another messy nail art last night, but it made me really happy =)

I absolutely love (still love! :)) the blue and yellow color combi! ;-) It's so fun to look at, especially when I have to work:


And by work, it means snip-snapping cloths. Or twistin-bending wires. Or glue-gunning pretty pieces together. ;p I love getting all artsy with the different tools I have. =) My room is a haywire of messy colorful things; a beautiful chaos. ;p Haha!

3) Lastly, I love my crystals-embellished headphones-headband. I made this for a collection months ago, but was rejected by a buyer then "because it wasn't working". I replaced her headphones, and this piece was in my room for a long time. When I tried it a few weeks ago, it is working! ;p

photog for model by my friend tracy ayson.
modeling by kirsten rice, who is currently part of the MYX VJ hunt!
To vote online CLICK. :-)

To vote through text, key in: MYXVJ[space]8 and send it to 2366! :)

Anyhooo, that's it! ;-) Have a happy week! :-)


  1. ms. ana i can never seem to get tired of your works. truly lovely :)

    I love your nail art!!

  2. Thank you thank you Ava! :) we are both so into kawaii works! :) heehee! see you soon! thanks so much for appreciating a! :)


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