Toy Story 3, 70s Chic, and Fathers' Day

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Watched Toy Story 3 with Ana yesterday just because we have no more seats for Letters To Juliet. Even the cinemas for the 3rd Toy Story were already full, we watched at around 8.45 pm already--and still the theater was full of kids! ;p

Anyhooo...I wasn't planning on watching a cartoon, but fortunately I did, coz as crazy as this may sound, I actually cried while watching Woody and friends! =/ It was heartbreaking, but I can't talk much about it coz I hate spoilers!!! =p Anyway, that's why I love this Tumblr post I saw, so true! For me, that is! ;-) Hehe!

After the film, I was, like, "Halata bang umiyak ako? Nakakahiya lumabas ng sinehan na ganito!" Hahaha! (Was it obvious that I cried? It's embarrassing to go out of the cinema like this!). And Ana was like what the hell is wrong with you?? Just kidding! ;p I embarrassed myself in advance by announcing I cried before she can tease me haha! Toy Story brought too much of my childhood--made me sad to realize what we give up when growing up. =p But then again, I guess that's just part of life. Oh I love you Woody and Andy and the gang! =p Sigh!

On another note, here's what I wore yesterday:

When my sisters saw, they either laughed or were puzzled at the long skirt look. Ana said I looked formal (haha) because of the black skirt. Mom worried that I might trip, or might cause someone to trip, with this look. Hehe! Anyway, all pieces I wore, except my dad's brown belt (which I just LOVE)...were all given to me by my tita (aunt) when we dropped by her house last Thursday. I was wearing a long jersey top then, and she saw that I am into oversized pieces, and let me raid her fresh from US stuff. =) So the blush pink top (I so love the color and fit! :)) and the long black skirt, and the brown sandals = all came to my hands for F R E E! :) 

The look was inspired from a Topshop Facebook post HERE. Another 70s Chic look comeback. =) 


Today is June 20 here in my country, and we celebrate Fathers' Day. :) I love this day, and I'll always say to my friends that I am a daddy's girl because we're both into the same things like yoga, vegetarianism, meditation, running a business, The Beatles, and a whole lot more. One of my favorite part of the week is when I join my dad on his ride home and we talk about things like business, selling, even politics or showbiz! 
I love you dad! Happy Fathers's Day! =)

To end this, here's another cute Tumblr post: Disney Princesses and the first men of their lives. =) <3


  1. absolutely adore your outfit. In love with all maxi skirts and dresses at the moment :)
    And you so made me want to watch Toy Story 3... I am such a movie cryer, too, haha

  2. Thanks so much nathalie! :) i super love your black maxi dress! :) hihi, you should watch toy story! :D Ok im promoting the film already, haha!

  3. ang tagal ko na kayong hindi nakikita! hehe :D see you and nakat soon.

    btw, like your porma! :D

  4. See you soon Tamems!!!! :) Thanks! Text2!! :D


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