Day 13: 30 days of photographic memories

Saturday, July 31, 2010

DAY 1: Your Face Book profile photo
DAY 2: A photo of yourself a year ago
DAY 3: A photo that makes you happy
DAY 4: A photo of the last place you went on holiday
DAY 5: A photo of you
DAY 6: A photo that makes you laugh
DAY 7: A photo of someone you love
DAY 8: A photo of your favorite band/musician
DAY 9: A photo of your family
DAY 10: A photo of you as a baby
DAY 11: A photo of your favorite film
DAY 12: A photo of you

DAY 13: A photo of your best friend:

Meet my best friend since high school Myey. =) Searched for an old photo so I don't have to post pics from recent get-together, which I might have blogged in here already. This was during one of the debuts of our classmate, I think it was Pattiecol though I am not so sure. I miss having to attend one debut after another...sometimes even 2x in a day! ;p I love that we have to dress up and attend big parties with friends and get to eat really good food and be entertained with cheese-max presentations and surprise numbers for the celebrant! ;D Haha! Oh to be 18 again! If only I turn 18 in this really fashionista times, where there are more varieties of a formal ensemble! =) Hiihii!

I made this in advance coz I know tomorrow is my bazaar, and never did I went home after a selling stint that I wasn't tired and beat up! ;p Hope when I post this tomorrow, I am happy, as well as my pockets, hehehe!



  1. You are both very beautiful.
    I hope your weekend is going well.


  2. Thank you sooo much tywooo!!! :) :)


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