The day i realized posing in front of the camera wasn't easy. at all.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

How many twists and bends can your body, legs, and arms create? :D I realized models are flexible peeps, they create so many lines and angles with their body to produce a beautiful photo! To think you also have to regard your facial expression-like the expressiveness of your eyes or that twinkle or, whatever! ;D

I have to say that a model (like CJ!:)) can make a good model-photographer--especially for the newbies (and the wannabes--like yours truly. hehe). She knows the different angles you can make to have a good shot--thus making her a good director for photo shoots. 

These are some of the whole body pictures of me--I don't know where else to place my legs and hands, but I think CJ taught me very well. :) These pics are just edited with their brightness-contrast-saturation. Anyhooo, yun lang! ...I can't post ALL my photos in my social networking site like Face Book or Multiply--it's embarrassing they might think I'm vain (haha). So sorry for the consecutive photo posts! ;p

(Photo collage from CJ). I now say I look up to models for being so patient in their art. It's an art, grabe! I can only twist and bend wires, haha! ;p 


  1. Wow!!! Amazing photo collage Ana!!! I love your second outfit on you! You look so awesome and I agree with the modeling realization!

  2. Thanks Ashley! I love it that it comes from you!!! :)

  3. Natawa lang ako sa huling statement. Kung ang models parang tumitwist, ikaw sa accessories-making! :))

    Love your boots! :) You're so pretty! :) Masaya din yan, nakakangawit lang siguro ngumiti and all. :)

  4. Hahahah benta noh atleast i have my own thing on twistin and bendin hahaha! ;D thanks emskyyyy!!!!!!


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