Parents are away+My 3-Way Top

Sunday, July 11, 2010

As said in past blogs, parents were away with Cea on a short trip to their friend in Naga. Ate and I were under house-arrest for the weekend (no logic, but I didn't argue with my mom anymore hehe), so my sister decided to bake! :)

These are yummy yummy corn muffins! If you're from the Philippines, these are as best as Kenny Rogers' ;p Seriously! :) Yum yum!

For the past nights too, since I wasn't allowed to go out for my weekend-routine of watching a movie or 2, I decided to watch DVD...the Big Fish, and then last night, Pineapple Express! What a riot film on two "bfffs" (haha)--a drug dealer and a stoner-- and their crazy runaway after witnessing a murder! Super laughtrip! ;p

Today, Ate and I went to hear mass and attended the Feast early so we can pick up the 'rents and Cea in the airport. When we got there, ate waited behind the wheels, so I got down the car and waited for my family's arrival inside the vicinity. I thought to myself while I was "on the other side of the fence" (fetching and not arriving), I reallyreally miss traveling already!!! =p 

What I wore: gray flats, gray shorts, black studded cuff and bracelets, and a white tee layered with a....
 1) DIY cropped souvenir shirt I've worn before:

2) As a normal shirt..on a trip to Palawan 2009.


3) As an off-shoulder top (by cutting the neckline) in Bora January 2010! :)

The things you can do with just a tee you even got for free from your mom! ;-D

Welcome back mi familia! :)


  1. Those look so good. Now, I feel like baking :) I like your outfit a lot. You are beautiful.
    Have a great day!


  2. I love this post. I miss baking! :( I want to try these muffins! I totally miss Kenny Rogers!

  3. Hihi! Wow you also bake ashley??? :)that's cool! corn muffins from kenny are classic noh! :D hehe!

  4. Sounds great!!! I love what you've done with your shirt!!! It's so cute!!!

  5. Thank you so much Riza! :) :D you are a creative girl too! :)


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