Disaster Day

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Last night, I was creating a new blog post, when I read tweets and Face Book status of my contacts that there were power shut-downs already in their area because of the storm "Basyang". In my area down south of Metro Manila, winds were whistlin' then wailing as if there's actually a kid crying outside my window--swear it was scary! When power started fluctuating, then eventually electricity fully shut-off (goodbye blog entry, haha), I decided to opt for good ol' pre-bedtime activity and just read dad's "just because" gift to me that night, a Go Negosyo book on 21 Steps on how to start your own business. 

photo from Go Negosyo website

I love reading in the dark with just a flashlight or a candle. It might be bad for my eyes, but I feel that I have more focus through this. I think I have ADHD in such a way that in the middle of making a fringe necklace, I go to my computer and surf the net, then sew a zipper bracelet another minute. :D Anyway, the blackout became a good excuse to go all-out with reading the first part of this really helpful book. I remembered when I read Harry Potter book 1, there's also a blackout that I enjoyed my "first-sight" with the boy who lived with a candle only. =) 

It was cool at first, but when I tried resting, blew my candlelight and turned of my flashlight, the winds howled, my curtains were flying like crazy. My sisters, who share a room next to mine, were texting if I was scared, and if I can hear our dogs already...THE DOGS! I was actually scared for them!!! =/

Anyway, in the end, when I heard our back-house dog (the one with few roof to shelter himself, huhu) Keeko was already whimpering and banging his tin water container (asking for help!), I texted my sisters, and we went downstairs all-together. I did not have time to think anymore, not even asked for my parents' consent, I just let him in our house. My youngest sister Cea thinks I'm her hero (boy do we love our dogs!)

Wrapped with a denim cloth I was supposed to use for making more accessories, I handed it to my sister coz Keeks was shivering and wet. =/ 

Anyway, I was too tired after this long episode (we played with him pa, hehe), so I was asleep even with the no electricity situation. The worst thing was to wake up realizing power wasn't back...and guess what? Electricity just came back NOW. So that's almost 24 hours for me and my family without Internet, fan, lights, .....and yes, here in my area they're connected: so we also have no water! It was an unproductive day also for the business! =S

I dont know why I became passive and just let time fly because I thought this wouldn't take this long. Anyway, night time came and I was ready to leave the house (coz my friend's have water and electricity already!) ...lugging two big bags filled with accessories for my business meet ups for Thursday and Friday, plus clothes and clothes...when suddenly I heard people in my neighborhood screaming for joy! ;p And then...... "There was light". :D


  1. Ohhh i heard about the massive brownout... it's very inconvenient especially to you... (thinking of Anagon Collection) oh well, I hope all is well!

    Anyway, I think I need that book!!!

  2. Hihi, everyones twitting and status-ing noh?? :D ang hirap talaga ash! ;p wow i just have to learn about that shipping internationally thing and i can send a book for you ash! :) helpful sya,i have to say :) :)

  3. Hi Ana! I read that book! Who would have thought I'd be interested in business? Haha. Anyway, you should read another book by GoNegosyo, the one on successful businessmen/women. It's equally helpful, not to mention inspiring. :) -Claud (the one who interviewed you back in college) :)

  4. aww cute dog.. i heard about the power interruption in manila in facebook statuses. here in the north, it's not so severe but the wind is howling too :)

  5. hello claud!! :) kamusta ka na??? :) i have their first book din, but i like the red one (women)! :) nice noh??? :)

    cherie! hahaha ang cute nya noh! :) di namin kaya syang iwan sa labas hihi ;p glad to here things werent that bad there! :) dito back to normal na uli, thank God! :)


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