"Thursyay is the new weekend."

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ana and I talked about our last week's "la mierda" (or "lamierds" for short, hehe)...Wherein we went out for dinner/movie on a in, with Ana going to work the next day! Come weekend, we stayed at home and felt we were able to put off spending, or maybe even saved money??? :D

This week, we're still deciding if it's going to be a "ThursYay" La Mierda, where we can save (a little)...Or do we still prefer going out on good ol weekends? :) Where we don't have to think of alarming our phones so Ana can get up on time for work the next day? ;p

Haha! The concerns of our lives, hahaha! Anyway, she sent me this randomly on a random time:

"Let's go dumpin on a Thursyay yo!" Hahaha! :D

I love La Mierdas, or "Wasting" Time...with friends! =)

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