high school is where my heart is

Friday, July 09, 2010

First of all, apologies for my cheesy post title (with extra cheese) haha! It's just that, I'll always miss everything about high school...I will forever not get over that 4 years of my life. As our grad song will put it "The best years of our lives"! :) 

Last Wednesday, I had several meet ups in La Salle, few blocks away from my high school (St. Scho). Coincidentally, my high school barkada (friend) Tamems was in St.Scho for a caravan thing for her work...I came to visit her since (finally) I have the license to enter the campus again (yup, guards are strict in my Catholic all-girls school! ;)). 

I watched Tamems work with her officemates there (opening of bank accounts)...till my meet ups texted me already. After everything, Tamems and I had our lunch break inside our old school...with a little touring and pictorials on the side! ;-D I felt nostalgic--even with seeing the corridors I pass by everyday just to reach our barkada tambayan! (friends' hang out place)

Our senior year homeroom classroom: Troika Hall!

These are the foods that had been available in our canteen ever since! I am a vegetarian now, but I will forever miss fried siomai! It was part of my high school, while hanging out and chattering with my friends I eat two servings of these spicy dumplings! :D
Everyone from St. Scho will recognize these containers in an instant! :D They're classic!

I want to go up in our sophomore year homeroom! :) We called it "slam bang" room coz a sign was taped on the door before saying: "Do not slam bang the door" hahaha!

"Prep Area" now has roofs and a playground! We used to play volleyball here in grade school. =D

Tamems was so excited to go to our tambayan!!! I miss this! We used to hangout here before our classes, on our breaks, and even after our classes till the wee hours of the night! No safer and fun place than our benches! :)

We miss you Barx!!! =)

I wonder how 16 of us fit this long table assigned for my barkada (group of friends)? :D We actually eat here! Amazing, maybe we were smaller then? Or have eating-shifts? haha!

I pass by this area going to Gate 1 when they're closing up the school and my busy dad wasn't there yet to pick me up! Ana will always always accompany me then, coz she has her own driver! :D

Every late afternoon, we will witness the sunset in this place, and everything turns red. Ana and I called this time of the day "Love is in the air!"! haha!

That night, I went out with Ana in Greenbelt and ate at a fine restaurant. We also stayed there for coffee, and also I slept over at her house again. I am currently "under house arrest" because my parents and Cea are in a trip! :) They wanted me to watch over the house or something, but I didn't argue with mom's logic. :) I want to rest anyway. :)

We love our CPK Pizza and Pasta! Ana said we will be able to save up since we're not going out for a movie and eatout this weekend! :D Haha! So we spent everything on our Wednesday night hangout haha!

Our only decent pic haha!

Outfit post! :

Black Magic Woman.

Almost everyone I met that day told me I look so formal that day. I was laughing while saying I don't know where else will I wear my Little Black I really have to wait for a formal occasion to wear this? :D Haha! I can wear it even on my meet up days! =)

Layer Love

It's not seen on the first photo, so here! I layered my LBD with a black lace cover up. Cinched with skinny red belt on the waist. :-) Accessorized with black flats, a red headband and simple bracelet. I look like a corporate girl! ;) Haha!

John Mayer said it best: I wanna run through the halls of my high school, I wanna scream at the top of my lungs! Hahaha! :) I love you St. Scho, I will always miss you!!! =)


  1. Sweeeet! Walk down memory lane! I want to do that din in my old high school! :)

    Winner din ang outfit! I love! :)

  2. hahaha thank you sis!!! :) mainit sya, pero oks lang hahaha! :D

  3. I miss high school. It was annoying at times, but friends were awesome!
    omG!!! you are now vegetarian! I'm so happy, my eyes are teary!! omG!! I can't stop smiling!
    There are so many vegan stuff that taste just like the real animals. After trying the vegan meatless nuggets, I couldn't bring myself to understand why I likes chicken nuggets..haha.
    All my love, Ana. This post made me super happy!


  4. Thank you Tywo!!! :D =) I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian since 2006! =) I only eat eggs, dairy products, plus vegetables, rice, tofu ,and vegemeat!! :) that's why i super duper love your food posts =) It's nice to get to know veg people all over the world! hehe!


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