Photoshoot + Extended Weekend

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My first entry on this just...disappeared! :D Hahaha! :p Bummer. So anyway...

Cj posing by the post (haha)

Very sophisticated Ches! I love her! :)

Cool steel make up case! And a transparent umbrella, in case it rains!

CJ is one of the most down-to-earth models I've met! :-) I love her!

Cool team to work with: Ches, Andrew, Mimi, and CJ

Ches, Cj, Moi, and Mimi! :-)

So, I had a photoshoot in UST last Saturday, with Cea's college friend Mimi. She invited me through Cea after seeing my play-shoot photos with CJ. She wanted a hippie photo shoot, so who's the person to call when it comes to this theme? ;-)

Anyway, I invited CJ and Ches for this, which was held in UST. I met up with CJ first in UN Ave since she's not familiar with my university (hehe), and then we met with Mimi our photographer/makeup artist with her brother Andrew. Since Ches was still in a casting call, we had CJ's solos first, then when Chesca arrived--a tandem shoot, then finally Ches' solos when CJ had to leave for work already. I reallyreally appreciate that they took time to join my Anagon Collection shoot even with their busy scheds!!

I also admire Mimi-Andrew See Sibling Tandem. They're talented peeps who shoot great photos, plus they're also good in styling, in putting make up on, and most importantly, in directing. Good photographers take the technically-good pictures with great angles, etc...But the best model photographers for me are the ones who can direct their models, and make them feel at ease with the camera--so that they'll shine in the outputs! :-) The See team showed to me that they're part of the best! :-)

After the shoot, I met up with Ana in Makati and watched the Last Air Bender. The film got low feedbacks from online articles and even my friends' status in facebook or twitter. But I actually liked it. ;p Maybe I'm just weird when it comes with some things, hehe! :D

The next day, we rewatched Inception "just because" (hehe)...I really love the second time around since I've read online articles on theories, etcetera about the film..It became wee bit understandable than the first round, and still awesome! :p 

It was raining super hard while we attended mass in Greenbelt that my mom texted me not to go home anymore. It was super funny coz I was still lugging my "photoshoot bags" with me when I got the text, and although I can go home (I knew I can handle the rains, hehe)...But, as I've told Ana, why will I waste this "permission" from my mom? ;p So, hello extended over night! ;p

Watched UAAP Sunday.

We watched UP vs FEU and UST vs ADU via Balls replay...And I knew UST lost (thanks to Twits, haha)...I was not feeling well then, maybe because of the weather or how I tire my body...That I wasn't able to finish the UST game. When I woke up the next day, I still asked Ana if UST won, haha!

Saturday night dinner.

Ana's coffee...and my mixed berry chiller! It was a change for today, since I read that to prevent flu, take lots of fluids--and avoid coffee coz it will only dehydrate you. ;p

It was a tiring weekend, I just got home today! :p It was fun times though, hope yours was also a blast! :-) Till the next! ;)

"Why are weekends never long enough?" :-)


  1. Awesome! We had a photoshoot din last Sunday, sa UP naman. Ang galing kasi walang tao, as in the whole place was deserted :D

  2. Wee ang galing naman! :D so in sync tayo sis hahaha! :D minsan i want din mag UP shoot or ecopark just to try, but first ko rin to sa uste :D fun! :) where are your photos?? :)

  3. cant wait to see the final product. i looove yer smile

  4. Thank you so much karl! :) :) Hope to meet you again, and this time not while riding the escalator on opposite directions ;) Haha! :)


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