Always on my toes.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Look what I found out today! :-) Opened my weekly Multiply newsletter (which I just delete before ;p) and saw this! :D Third most talked about! Weee!

Thank you Lord! =) Hihi! But as the Daily Kabbalah reminds:

Today, when life brings you those successes, big or small, don’t put your feet on the table and relax. Know that you've just hit a milestone, and there are countless miles ahead.

Always on my toes!!! Busy meet up day again tomorrowwwww!!! Good night friends! 


  1. congrats, Ana!!! see you on Wednesday! Mwah!

  2. aah soo cool! Congrats! It is a success which is definitly worth celebrating :)

  3. Thanks Kookie and Nathalie!! :) You girls are the best!! <3

  4. Yay this is awesome sis! Congrats!!

  5. congrats ms. ana! :) you deserve it, you just have the coolest stuff! :) It's me, Channie. You may not remember me 'cause of all the clients you have! :)

    xx, Channie

  6. thanks krissy!! :)

    channie i remember you of course!! :) thank you so much! :D and wow you also have a bloggerrr!! :)


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