New colors for my nails :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My last stop awhile ago after meeting up with buyers in Manila and Edsa was in Festival Mall Alabang, the mall with Etude House and Face Shop! I was an hour early for the schedule I've set with my buyer, so I decided to leave my things in the baggage counter of Shopwise so I can stroll around and maybe look for new nail polish colors like cement gray or a certain purple shade (as blogged in this entry). Since I was inside the grocery already, I headed to their beauty section and checked out their selections, when I saw this:

A Caronia French Manicure set! :D 

All I know about Caronia is that it is a local nail care brand, but from browsing through their website, I learned that they also pioneered in local production of nail polish! And that this 1960s brand by a couple named Don Vicente and Belen Ang was actually named after a luxury ship! ;D I've been hearing it's different events and contests lately (good marketing! :)), like the one partnered with Candy Magazine. I thought they only have shimmery glittery sparkly colors for the tips, but wow they now have varieties! (I want the Regular's Touch of Beige and Italian Nude!)

Honestly, what really caught my attention is their price tag:

I can't even buy one polish with this amount of money when purchasing from my favorite foreign brands! :p Since I wanted a white nail polish, and I remembered that my bottle of colorless is already running out, I bought the Joy French Manicure set (although the other selections are also cute! ;)). The box includes the following:

White Satin, Joy (blush shade ), Colorless

I know this set is for creating French tips....

Instructions at the back of the box.

But I tested applying just the white polish (because I am weird):

Haloo white nails! Parang liquid paper lang. Hehehe!
(and hello Lego Ring! :p)

Ze Verdict: I love it! Nice consistency, and easy to apply. I hope it's also long-lasting, but this I have to see! Plus factor is that it's so affordable, I can collect more colorssss! :D   Hello new nail polish brand :)

PS: I also got this:
Bonanza Tip. But no, it's not the right "purple". ;p

PPS: I re-dyed my hair again, back to golden brown. ;D But that's for another entry, hehe!


  1. I love how economical we are when it comes to our nails!:) haha i like your "parang liquid paper lang" nails!! hehe i decided to paint mine in 3 colors=p

  2. Hahaha ang cute nga nooon! =D asa mo, super cuuute! :D have to buy more nail arts soonest ;) may nakita nanaman ako online wah!!/album.php?aid=201240&id=802125138

  3. I love doing my own nails! and OMG I love that ring!!!!

  4. Ang galing krissy, soul sistahs talaga!! :)

    thanks chupsie!! :)


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