Day 17: 30 days of photographic memories

Thursday, August 05, 2010

DAY 1: Your Face Book profile photo
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DAY 3: A photo that makes you happy
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Day 13: A photo of your best friend
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Day 16: A photo of you at the last party you went

Day 17: A Drunk Photo of You

Have you ever had that day you drunk too much to the point of saying the next day "I'll never drink alcohol again!"--complete with swear words and hang over? ;p I remember back in college I acquired a wound that I can't remember how it got there (haha), and chased after my contact lenses on a pool ground (haha) with people that are nice but I wasn't really close with (my org/club mates! :D)...After that, back in Manila, in a church (coz I am emo that way--that's why it was with the drama club! hahahaha!)...I am teary eyed as I swore to the Lord (ulp) that my tongue will never again taste a drop of alcohol! ;p 

After years, though, of keeping my promise, I am back to being not so strict with drinking (I swear I had that phase where everyone's drinking except me!--Rebel without a Cause, haha!)...Not that I am saying I do this everyday, because I don't! But when I'm with people who don't take alcohol "because it's cool", or measure you up on the number of bottles you can down (another reason I hated the activity before--people were competitive! For what? What is there to prove??? :D)..It makes drinking a fun and crazy or sometimes even an "open-up" thing.

So here are pictures from post-drinking with my friends (balik bayan) Abi, Marj and Ana at Central in Makati. I slept over at Ana's:

I was chatty and red-faced, and occupying Ana's space already (hahaha!), and Ana was laughing at me and I don't know why...! (That time, of course, haha!) But it was a laugh trip night, so  good thing she took my picture hahaha. I wasn't a big mess, right? ;p Right. 

I love that thing they say that men are more tolerant of alcohol coz most of the time they do it for fun/bonding. While girls most of the time do it when they're sad/depressed. That night, we did it the bros' way, baby! ;p Hahaha! :D

PS: It was only at this age that my face reddens when I drink. I hate it coz I become "obviously had too much" just one look in my face, literally. Hahaha! Might be the derma ointments I used before that made my skin thinner or something. ;p

Drink moderately guys! Haha!


  1. Aw anna! You look so cute here! hahaha :) Now that's a crazy moment. Good thing I never had a drunk photo. Cuz of that no one could ever tease me or remind me of it :) only by memory :) haha

    Melai of Style and Soul

  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog! It looks like it was a fun night. Haha

    I am a non-drinker because of my health but sometimes it gets boring when you're out with friends and everyone is drunk except you. Hahaha

  3. Melai! :D Hahaha thanksss! :D At least naging "cute" pako sayo dito hahahah! :D
    Malay mo, Minsan you might get caught on cam narin hahaha! ;p

    Aww I know that feeling! :D Hahaha! :D Thank you for dropping by too, meream! :) nice blog you have! :D


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