Day 18: 30 days of photographic memories

Friday, August 06, 2010

DAY 1: Your Face Book profile photo
DAY 2: A photo of yourself a year ago
DAY 3: A photo that makes you happy
DAY 4: A photo of the last place you went on holiday
DAY 5: A photo of you
DAY 6: A photo that makes you laugh
DAY 7: A photo of someone you love
DAY 8: A photo of your favorite band/musician
DAY 9: A photo of your family
DAY 10: A photo of you as a baby
DAY 11: A photo of your favorite film
DAY 12: A photo of you

Day 13: A photo of your best friend
Day 14: A photo of one of your favorite family members 
Day 15: A photo of you and someone you love 
Day 16: A photo of you at the last party you went
Day 17: A drunk photo of you
Day 18: A photo of one of your classes

I was thinking what this one meant, one of my "classes" so meaning in action of having a class, or is this one above valid already? ;p Hehe! 

This picture (a photo of the original photo..that's why the flash.. haha) from Ana's photo album of high school memories. This was in our senior year, with our class adviser, in our home room--Troika Hall! :) I miss this room! We held our debate classes and actual debates here, and this set-up added to the pressure to the already-rattling subject!

On a totally unrelated note....

I just have to say that I had the weirdest schedule today. After watching the awesome kickass SALT last night with Ana, slept over as usual, today I went home in the morning even though I have an afternoon meet up in UST (2 hrs away from our house, around 30mins-1hr away from Ana's). I realized that spending the whole day in the mall will just tempt me to spend on unnecessary/unplanned things...Plus! Dull times always call my tummy to eat eat eat + hangout in a coffee shop. 

So going home though far is a better (and cheaper!) plan. I was able to sleep, check a few mails, eat (free! yeah!), and take a bath again! ;p My 5pm UST meet up went well, though I met with some suppliers too and ended my day at around 7, I realized that I had no one with me on a rainy Friday night. Texted Tamems, but found out she's already on her weekend trip to Davao with her college friends! Ana on the other hand had a pile of work to do because of a teammate who was on leave. ;p I went all-emo (complete with listening to my phone's playlists hahaha! :D) realizing I am losing options of people to hangout with (coz I'm a loner, and my tight buddies from high school are all busy people! ;p)...

...At the end of my train ride though, my mom suddenly texted me if I want my favorite, cheap-thrill Korean food from BulBop...She's offering to buy it for me for take out since she with Cea and Dad were in Festival Mall then. I realized I have company. I decided to go home.
I wasn't totally alone after all--Never will. I have my family forever. :-)


  1. Aww. I'm glad you have a wonderful family. I haven't seen salt. I have heard nothing but good things about it! I'll see it soon.
    I hope you have a beautiful weekend.


  2. Thanks so much Tywo! :) Families are LOVE! :)
    Yes Salt was super duper WOW! :D I love it and had lots of post-movie discussion with ana hahaha! :D

  3. I planned to watch Salt this week, but I wasn't able to. Haha my friends and I never had the free time! Oh busy busy. :( But the trailer looks so bad ass I still want to make time for it! Haha! :) Cute story, ms. Ana! :)

  4. Hahahah hi fellow south girl Megann! :D Hindi nako umuwi since we met up kahapon haha ;p
    Aww everyones super duper busy these days no!!! :D it's mid year narin kasi baka ang daaaming kelangan na maaccomplish :) Good luck with school megann! :)
    And oo you should take time out with friends, watch salt astig sya haha! :D

  5. Sweeeeet :) Ay nako sis if only I live near we could hang out everyday since I get off work 2pm pa lang!

    Salt was awesome!!! I wanna be Angelina Jolie, taray ng cheekbones at piercing stare ni ate! :D Hay nako na-obsess ako sa spies naman. Ganito naman, kung ano huli napanood dun ako obsessed ahaha! I need to watch Inception again! :D

  6. Hahahaha! :D Benta super ako dinnnn wow na wow sa mga csi whatevers!!! ;p ang cool talaga ng salt noh! :D

    Thanks sis a! My friend kanina said mag joint bday parties kaming january girls for 2011, invite ko daw college friends ko etc...sabi ko "pano kung invite ko buyers ko, baket?" hahahaha! :D love ya!! :)


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