Nailed It!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Been changing nail colors since college...Tried them all, from bright to boring! ;p Photo above shows my current collection. =) Just started painting my nails on my own last December (though I am still challenged with painting my right-hand nails using my left hand ;p). I realized it's more..umm...economical? It's even more worth it than going to the salon every week or two, even though Cosmopolitan Salon (a suki of the ones near La Salle and UST! :)) only offers the service at P50! ;p

Here are some of my nail polish stories, thank God I take photos of my rings and I get to document some of my nail colors at the same time, haha!

Will forever be a black-nails fan! :)

I call this shade the "Barbie Pink"! :D

Turquoise-ish. I was obsessing with finding this color before! ;p

Neon Green. Bought this in Etude House before the Turquoise-y shade (which was from Face Shop). Some might say they're just the same, but I know it wasn't the color I was looking for! ;p

As they said:

Haha! :D

Now, some nail arts!

Sky Blue with yellow stick-on flower nail art ;p

The Strawberry Nails I first saw in Krissy's photos! Always go for this look from time to time, or when I feel like going cutesy or something. ;)

Philippine Flag nails! :D Done a year ago already. :D So unique noh?

Thinking of buying other shades like cement, white, and purple-ish/violet. :) 

Any nail color suggestions? Brand?
Nail art to try? 
And how do you achieve creating a new color by double coating of two different polishes? :D

This entry is posted via Blogger's scheduled option! ;) Which means, I'm not really home now, probably somewhere in Manila waiting for my meet ups hahaha! Cool noh?


  1. hihi wearing the face shop's Turquoise-ish color now!:) hehe i had hot pink before and decided to go for something different :) cool nail arts, ms. ana! haven't done that yet :D does etude house offer nice colors?

  2. i love the philippine flag nail art! :) tiyaga!

  3. Sooobrang bano ako maglagay ng nail polish. I soo suck at it :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  4. Ava!! :D Love the turquoise-ish color nooh!!!:D Big Faceshop fans pala tayo hihihi! :D I think ang cool sa etude they also have smaller bottles for P50 lang :) The one i have is their P100, mas malaki padin ang Faceshop natin! :)

  5. Smarla! :D Hahaha! Oops wasnt able to say i didnt made that myself! ;) Had it painted by our manicurista in the P30 lang! :D

    Melai! Hahaha! May times na nagaaksaya nako ng nail polish remover and polish coz hiraaap talaga ako! ;p


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