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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hahaha! Still under-house-ar-REST since Monday, to take care of my online shop and clients for shipping. Been meeting Kuya Bong (Mr. Xend Guy) assigned to our house two straight days already, our dog is getting friendlier to him (haha). 

Other than that, I realized I should re-work my wire art accessories and relaunch it's album, since it's the PINAKA mainstay of Anagon Collection. I'm still thinking how I will shoot it...and even who will shoot it. I am currently obsessed with collaborations. I love meeting and working with talented people! :) I can take pictures of my products myself, but I feel another person's magic will do wonders in my works! :)

Other than wire-arting (haha), I also reworked my h u g e wreaths from my epic Chesca-Abbie Photo Shoot. I think, to make them more wearable, I have to wire them piece by piece..with right spacing, to make them a hippie band with flowers.

Pretty ladies! :D
So from their very eye-catching floral head wreaths (though cute-for-shoots, I can't imagine taking these hair accessories out, imagine seeing a lady hopping the bus or train with a hair-garden!)... are some reworked wreaths that I was able to come up with today, hehe!
 Rainbow Wreath

Red Roses Wreath

Hope they'll sell more! ;) Will upload these babies (along with the rest!) soonest :) Better sana if I can shoot them outdoors! ;p Heeh! ;p

Hippie, Happy, Lazy Day. :)
One more left, and I'm out and about the Metro again! ;D Hahaha, sorry for the corny word playing. ;p


  1. The red roses wreath is so dyosa! I like, Ana! :)

  2. Wah! :D Thanks Lloyda!! :)
    Claud!! :D Hahaha! It's nice noh! But still so eye catching no matter how small i make it, pagtitinginan ka talaga haha! ;D


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