Madlang People for a day! ;p

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hello Madlang People! :D

I guess I left my house earlier than planned, than what I've said in my previous post! :D Hahaha! A cousin who works in ABS randomly texts my aunt on passes for studio shows, tours, or abscbn organized concerts...And last night was one of those random moments my mom was invited by my aunt to watch Showtime live, and I asked if I can tag along! :D The catch was we have to meet in MRT Quezon Ave station at around 7:30am! And as the girl from south (haha) this meant waking up at 5:30am! ;p

"Red Carpet" area of the studio

With my two titas and my mom, we reached the line-thing for the show on-time, only ate Waffle Time (3 pcs, coz I'm paranoid with acidic and hurting tummy already =/)...And entered the venue hours later (aircon at last! ;p). Oh, for the love of Pinoy noontime shows in my favorite network, hahaha! ;p

Mommykins, Tita Nelia, Tita Leng

Anyhoo, I was hiding the whole time during the Score Mo, Show Mo part (haha), was being pushed by my titas on the Madlang Host or Rejoice stint (but didn't. can't. haha), and danced their theme song "with energy" as instructed by their staff.

The Showtime staff--ahhh, they're really cool and organized. I love the system! :) But imagine dancing (me!) when you lack sleep and food, haha! But they thanked us all the time, during breaks and after the show. From the staff to the artists, they're all so nice!

Pre show proper, a vid presentation with all of Showtime's artists was played. Vice is super hilarious!

They took pictures of everyone who entered the studio, and I was curious why they had to do it (for security??)...Then, after the vid thing, our photos were all flashed on the screen! :D Sweet.

The disappointment for me was that I wasn't able to take photos with Anne or Vhong, or Jugs and Teddy. Haha! And even with the Hurados Jhong, Jed Madela, Nikki Gil, Kaye Abad, and The AsWang Brod Pete and Long Mejia. The big young barkadas in the audience were way too fast--dumog kagad when a celeb passed by the aisles, or during commercial breaks!

Showtime hosts: Jugs and Teddy, Anne, Vhong


Birthday Boy Jhong Hilario

Kuya Kim was absent (sad! :( ). They prayed for him after the show, with Anne leading the whole group. They were teary eyed after the prayer and as they exit the stage. Mom told me it was on the news that night that Kuya Kim had a mild stroke.=/ Vice Ganda (the one I was looking forward to watch in person! :p) was on leave. AND I wasn't able to join the Kantaranta contest, but I wanted to because of the P5k prize, haha!

I love Anne's golden flats! :D

Tita Nelia and Mom with Kay Abad. Haha with the girls waiting for their photo op turn! ;p

Prayer for Kuya Kim post-show.

It was actually a tiring day!!! I can't believe how the fans club can keep up doing this everyday. How THE ARTISTS AND STAFF do this everyday :D Nakakabilib! 

It was a cool one-day experience, though! :D 


  1. My fave on this show is also Vice Ganda, haha! Sayang on leave sya when you went there... I didn't know something happened to Kuya Kim pala, parang ang bata pa nya to have a stroke. Anyway, looks like a lot of fun! Bilib din ako sa ABSCBN crew for their crazy energy! :)

  2. Anne curtis is sooo pretty! love her. and your outfit is pretty, ms. ana!:) i've only watched ENTERTAINMENT LIVE at abs-cbn during our journalism class in HS hehe.

  3. Mimi! :D Benta si Vice noh hahaa! at onga iba talaga energy ng staff and crew, the best nakakadala kahit ang agaaa! :D

    avaaa thank youu! :D cool nga din porma ni anne ;) and wow ELIVE! Sila marielle, toni, and bianca naman yun, hihi! Grabe ang showbiz ko talaga forever hahahah! :D


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