A break from being a "Coffee Shop Girl"

Friday, September 03, 2010

I was invited by Pax to go with her and Mitch and Melai on an event of The Prive Fashion Series, featuring Glitterati, last September 1 in Members Only. Although I am still your dress-down-hippie, I was excited to enjoy a night of all-glam: To get a sneak peek of the brand's new collection, dress up for a change, and meet fellow bloggers who are already big when it comes to Fashion Blogging! :)

Glitterati's New Collection

As an online shop owner myself, I am happy when a local business thrives. Glitterati founders Nina Estacio and JL Ladrido took Glitterati a (big) step further since its birth as an online shop in 2008 by opening their own physical store in Bel-Air 3 Makati, and kicking off with their new Luxe Collection. 

The event had a mini-fashion show featuring the 14 muses of the brand's new LUXE line. The roster includes Dominique TiuTricia Gosingtian, Maggie Wilson, Sandra Seifert, Patricia Prieto, and my online shop suki Kookie Buhain and Lissa Kahayon

The 14 Muses, before strutting the catwalk

The faces behind Glitterati: Nina Estacio and JL Ladrido

Dress Up

Although I seldom go clubbing (unless when invited on events such as this!), I do love to dress up from time to time! It's a nice change on my usual ratty attire when meeting up buyers and suppliers around Metro Manila. I thought of going all-black to be safe, and then accessorized with studs and hot pink: In true Glitterati fashion. ;)

Make-up/Outfit photos for last September 1:

Met-up with Tamems and went to Kelly's clinic in Makati. Had dinner first in Cafe Med Greenbelt, and then she did my make up. :) 

Before and After. Haha! Can you see the diff? :P

From peeping denim shorts and unfolded sleeves to a more put-together outfit with the right tweaking and accessories. :)

Ready to go! Hope I looked fine! ;)
Thanks Kelly and Me-an for the ride! 

Black Shirt and Bubble Skirt (Random Brands). Peace-Dogtag Necklace and Cross Ring (Anagon), Booties (H&M), Studded Wide Belt (Glitterati), Studded Gloves (Love Culture), Pink Oversized Clutch (Landmark).

Meeting the Fashion Bloggers

I like that this event also turned out to be a big bloggers meet up! :) 

Color coordinated? With my sisterette Pax also in her black ensemble and big clutch! :)

Sandwiched between two fashionable girls Pax and hot chic Kookie!

With the beautiful people: Rica, Karl, Pax, Tin, and Mike

No moment is ever dull with my girls: Pax and Melai! :)

With my suki, quirky-fashionable Ava. :)

With Ava, Pax and Melai. =)

The fierce Karl Leuterio!

The pretty Tin Iglesias

With Mitch our "official photog" (hehe) and Pax :) And half-me! :p

Candymag Editors Marla Miniano and Roch Vergara

Sweet and fashionable sister Melai. :)

With Pax, Kookie, and hippie-standout Bestie

In the middle of partying and socializing, I told Mitch and Ava that I'm a "Coffee Shop Girl" and not used to clubbing. But, in fairness, I did enjoyed a night of sight-seeing fashionistas, pretty faces, and meeting the fab people I look up to in the WWW, in a grand event that was made by and only for the Glitterati. :) 

Special thanks to Pax and Kookie for some of the pictures.


  1. Looks fun, you look fab sis! :)

    Btw, are you free on Sept 10? :)

  2. thank you!! :) yes sis free pako ng 10!!! :D

  3. hihi a coffee shop girl myself but the event was a good change :D hehe fun too! meeting all the people i admire on the WWW. You looked gorgeous edgy, ms. ana!!

  4. hehehe natuwa nga ako nun nag "me too" ka! :) was fun to have hangout with you :) :)
    and oh! cool blazer ava! :)

  5. Hey Ana, super natuwa ako sa outfit mo! Terno pa tayo ng gloves! haha. You looked lovely that kaya naman pala, nagpa make up pa talaga! haha! it was nice hanging out with you girls during the event. hope we get to hang out again soon!


  6. Teh pag ako lang nag make up nyan iba kalabasan hahaha! Yey! :) Thank you a, approved by one of the muses herself, naks! ;)

  7. Hi Ana you were so pretty at Glitterati's event. I hope I WAS THERE too :) hehe I wanna meet you soon! :)

  8. Thanks Denise! :) Yes it was a fun event,it will be great if you were there too! :)

  9. Wow you look so diff, Ana! But I mean that in a good way! :D Awesome get-up! The event looks so great. Wish I had gone. :p

  10. Thanks Megann! :) Hope it's a nice "different" hehe ;) Ava was there din! :) Would have been cool to see you too! :)

  11. gaganda niyong lahat :) Haha, I agree with Megannmonday. It's different to see you in a non-quirky look...but you look very pretty in it, Ana! Oh, and i love the gloves ;>

  12. Thanks Ai! :) I really hope through the peace necklace I retained my "style" in this look ;) thankyou thank you :)

  13. Thanks for coming and for supporting us in the event! SCHOLASTICANS ROCK! It was nice to see fierce bloggers that night! Love from Glitterati! xx

    JL Ladrido

  14. Yes JL! Scholasticans Rock!!! :) It was an epic night, you Glitterati Girls are the best! :) <3


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