One Big Fight or Let's Go Tamaraws?

Monday, September 27, 2010

My high school friend (and Movie Club buddy!) Ana and I agreed on watching the first game of Ateneo and FEU's battle for the UAAP basketball finals last Saturday, just for the heck of it (and also because I miss watching UST games already =S). I had with me a dark FEU-green bandana I planned to use as head wrap, just to set the contrast with my Ateneo-blue shorts and show that I am watching as a neutral, team-less person. Haha! My UST will forever be in my heart.

But when we reached Araneta past 1pm, the lines to the different ticket booths were already long, and they only sell General Admission tickets--which is the top-faraway-part of the coliseum. Two scalpers approached us selling their tickets at times 3 the "legal" price, and not even on good sections. Since Ana and I weren't from any of the competing schools, we resolved that it wasn't worth it. =p We decided to catch the movie After Life, as previously blogged

Since I came from Ana's house the night before, I used the same shoes and almost same accessories from yesterday's outfit. Here's what I wore last Saturday: 

Tip to Toe:
Geek Glasses (Star Finder, Festival Mall)
White Eyelet Dress worn as top (SM) 
Blue Shorts (Thrift find)
Accessories (Anagon)
Black Belt (from my sister)
Black Loafers (Aerosoles)

If you've noticed my nail colors for the past posts, this week I decided to go a bit crazy by painting my pointy fingers pale pink, while the rest remained cement gray. The top was actually the dress I wore in a previous shoot as blogged here. Also, lately I've been wearing my glasses even when I go out because my eyes feel itchy and dry from my contact lenses. I need to buy new pairs asap!

Heard that FEU didn't do well that day. Didn't even gave ADMU much challenge, capping the game with the scores 72-49. It was good news for my Atenean friend Geo, who came all the way from Cavite just to catch the finals live! We were supposed to watch with her, but, oh well, the turnaround of events and circumstances. When I got home that night, mommy-dearest was sad. I remembered she studied in FEU, I think from high school to college! Wouldn't bet on any team then (or will just keep it to myself, hehe), wouldn't want any conflicts with Geo or my mom. 

Will end this post with Mom's text to me that morning (using dad's phone):

I replied with a light-humored "Ang old school na ata nyan mom, di na nila ginagamit yan!" Haha! :D
Oh! And sorry Jeje-Mom a, haha!

PS: Yes I have Anne Curtis' photo on my wall, haha.


  1. I love the outfit sis!

    And oh yeah I'm going to the Candy Fair! ;D

  2. Yehey see you salamat!! :D So excited na talaga :D Dami nag promise na pupunta! :)


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