Happiness: Friends, Movies, Features, and Pasalubongs!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

My "weekend" started last Friday, when my Friday meet ups were cancelled, and I took them easy by just thinking of hangout Movie Club with Ana that night. Went straight to Greenbelt and enjoy my me-time while waiting for my friend from her work. Had Figaro coffee and yummy cheese quesadilla, while internet-ing like crazy (again and again). :P

Oh, to reach Ayala, I have to ride a bus from Metropolis Bus Terminal. While entering the bus, trying to avoid stares from people with my rather too-long skirt (for their standards), someone called "Anagon!" and saw that my high school kabarkada Alli was also there! :) Pulled her at the back of the bus so we can sit together, and had a long bus ride with a nice long conversation: On our career paths, on random things, and our very exciting trip to Singapore this November!!! :))

Photo op on a bus ride coz we haven't seen each other for a long time!

I bought another small/pocket Corona notebook and my favorite cheap gel pens from Panda (P12 for 3 pieces! :D) in the old Greenbelt's National Bookstore, when Ana texted she's in Makati already. Had dinner in La Maison where I had a pesto pasta and tomato soup. Our movie was not till around I think 11, so we strolled around and saw Tep who was waiting for her Med friends! :) 

Just to satisfy my notebooks-hunger. Also, I love 100 sheets notebooks. A pocket size one might minimize my bag's weight, hehe. 


Ana, Tep, and Me!

We watched the movie Devil that night just because there aren't any must-see films to catch. And although I have low tolerance for suspense/horror movies already (before, I watch Asian scary movies weekly in SM Manila, haha!)...I actually enjoyed the film. Ana and I agreed that it has a nice conclusion...even made us recount on our own past actions and wrong-doings. We had another scary movie the next day in Gateway, After Life starring Christina Ricci and Justin Long. We decided to go to the cinemas when we can't get tickets for the UAAP championship game (our original plan). The film wasn't as great as Devil because it made no impact on me. ;p

Another good news this weekend is another Candy feature! :))

Candy October issue: With COC Mini Mag 

Magic 89.9 DJ Jessica Mendoza

Internet Super Star Tricia Gosingtian

I love the October issue because they have two magazines (the regular one and the mini mag by the Candy Council!:)). As said in my Multiply: Get your own copies of Candy October issue for more cool features from the COC girls such as the laser tag experience and an article on being fearless!
Your October copy is also your pass for the Candy Fair this October 2 in A. Venue!
More photos of the feature HERE and HERE! =)

More good news, Ate arrived super early this morning from her short vacation in Kuala Lumpur with her tight  friends from her former work. No stories yet since my sister is still tired, but she got me some Cotton On goodies! 

Denim (so hippie!) Espradille -- perfect fit for my feet. :) Haha!

Nice easy-breezy skirt! :D

I can't wait to wear them!!! :))) I love pasalubongs, Hihi!

And lastly, my outfit last Friday: (the long skirt that received stares when you're commuting, haha)

Tip to Toe:
Black Bowler Hat (my fave), Red XL Cross Necklace, Bracelets (Anagon)
Eye Glasses (Star Finder, Festival Mall)
White Shirt (Department Store)
Black Maxi Skirt and Black Loafers (gifts from aunts)
Thick Black Belt (borrowed from Ate)

Who still wears her loafers when going out? It looks like an ideal school shoes for me back during my uniformed-high school and college days, haha! :D But they're just too comfy!

Share to me your happy list! Hope everyone had a great weekend. :)


  1. Ate, you were in Gateway yesterday? I was there with my friends too. We watched Going the Distance. Di ba po ang championship FEU vs. ADMU? :)

  2. Wow, you know what I've been dressing down kasi I don't like being stared at. It's a challenge to be fashionable while keeping that in mind.

    Minimag ulit! Namiss ko yun :P

  3. Nadine: Yes I was there! ADMU and FEU, super dami na ng tao, plus gen ad nalang tickets they were selling =p Wow sayang di tayo nagkasalubong a, asa cinemas din kami nun afternoon :))) (baka both of us were inside the cinehan nun andun tayo hehe ;))

  4. Emsky: Super hassle, sana may koche nalang ako, or condo para di masyado commute2 hehe! :P
    Namiss ko din yun mini mag, superrr! Those were the days!! :D Haha!

  5. i love your skirt! hehe ignore people staring! it makes a statement! and the ring!<3 if only i didn't have tiny fingers :(

    Haven't watched the devil, now im curious! :)

    congrats on the new stuffs and feature!:) loving the espadrilles!!

    i guess we both had a good weekend, ana!

  6. Ava! :) Heeh! Thanks for your "support" in my weird-fashion-endeavors, hehehe! :) It was a good weekend!! :))


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