"Wala namang kapressure-pressure noh?"

Friday, September 17, 2010

This was Gerald Anderson's funny (and ice breaking!) remark when asked how it feels to be the next Century Tuna ambassador, following the popular TV actors and hunks Piolo Pascual and Derek Ramsey. 

Yesterday, I went to Member's Only in The Fort again (last time was for the Glitterati event!) at 11 in the morning! Thanks to my blogger friend Krissy, I was invited to the Century Tuna Loaf and Spread Launch: Move and Groove to Healthy and Sexy. I didn't know what to expect, and wasn't sure if Krissy will be there (which was sad, she loves Gerald!!), but I went for it anyway--even in my really casual outfit (denim shorts, t-shirt, flats, bowler hat). 

As I enter the night-life place, I realized I was under-dressed for the occasion! (I took the Move and Groove literally, thinking it will be a dance event of some sort, hahaha). I cringed, and just twitted while waiting for things to happen. (Again, I'm spending too much on my current Twitter addiction by using my Globe load to connect. ;p Gahhh..bad habits I have to end soon!)

Really nice venue/set-up.

Good vibes started rolling when we had our lunch. I was super happy that they have salads and potatoes in the buffet, I don't need another awkward moment when I'm not eating anything. Also, I got to talk with the other media people already: two girls form Inquirer Hinge, and my fellow bloggers in the event, Ms. Sai and Ms. Leira. Ed Montalban, Krissy's friend who invited us, approached the bloggers while we were eating, and told us that we will be the ones who will have the opportunity to interview the brand's new endorser Gerald Anderson!

Buffet Table.

With fellow bloggers Ms. Leira and Ms. Sai.

They also served Century Group family's newest innovative products: Centuray Tuna Loaf and...

Century Tuna Spread! :))

Our interview happened in the club's second floor. Before going up, I twitted "What will you ask when you're assigned to interview Gerald Anderson?" Here are some replies I got:
 - Hi Gerald, bat ang pogi mo? Hahaha. Lol.
 - What's the last book you read?
 - Ask him po about his future projects either in TV or movie.

I love how my twitting is becoming more interactive! ;p Unfortunately, I wasn't able to check the replies before going face-to-face with the ex-PBB housemate. When we were introduced to him, he opted that we all sit closer. Honestly, I wasn't the biggest fan before, but this gesture coming from the prime-time prince made me a convert. Here's how our interview went (Well, I tried taking down notes, but it was hard when a handsome guy was sitting next to you and was looking at you. ;p Haha!)

How does it feel to be the newest endorser of Century Tuna? Wala namang kapressure-pressure noh? *then he smiled, which made me swoon*. After Piolo Pascual and Derek Ramsey lang naman. No, honestly, I am overwhelmed to be chosen by a brand like Century Tuna. I feel very honored!

How has your life changed since PBB? I'm the same boy!... mas busy lang. :) (Oh boy, ang humble! :))

As an artista, what do you do to keep your body fit? Do you have a daily or weekly routine? I go to the gym, or play basketball. Aside from regularly hitting the gym and practicing my dance numbers, I always watch what I eat. I make sure that my meal is composed of something healthy but at the same time tasty. With the kind of work that we have in showbiz, actors like me can never be too cautious.

Any tips to anyone who wants to have an active and healthy lifestyle? Wag tumambay palagi! *laughs* Find a sport, or any physical activity like basketball or badminton that will keep you active. Lumabas kayo! And of course, you just don't exercise regularly, you also have to eat healthy.

Like Century Tuna Loaf? Yes! It's so easy to prepare, since in my line of work we're always on the go. Century Tuna Loaf is easy to whip, plus it's delicious just like real meat loaf. And it is healthy too, I think they're serving some at the buffet, have you tried it? :)

It was a fun and light interview, we were laughing most of the time. Gerald Anderson is really buff  in person. Plus, he is super down-to-earth you wouldn't think you're in front of an artista, except that he is too gwapo so I am reminded that I was seated next to a celeb. ;-) 

The event proceeded after this short interview:

Bottom photos: Century Tuna's Senior Product Manager Angela Gamboa and Century Pacific Group General Manager Gold Tantoco, introducing the fresh additions in their prestigious company.

Groovin' number by the X-10 dance group.

Gerald Anderson joining the action.

"Tuna is a big part of my life, since I'm also from Gen. San. I've always looked up to the brand...Katabi lang ng bahay namin noon ang Century."

When the host asked if Gerald was ok speaking right after dancing, the charming actor said: "Parang ASAP lang yan." :))

Presenting the winner of a PS2 in Century's Face Book promo.

After the event, I again chanced upon one of the event's organizers, Ed Montalban. Thank you for inviting me, and good job guys! :))

Loot bag. :)

The family had the Tuna Mayo Spread that night, and told me that they actually love it. They even compared it with another brand's similar product, and said Century Tuna is better since the competition version tasted more like liver spread. As a vegetarian in a family of meat-eaters, I am happy to hear that they're loving this new healthy option (without compromising the taste!).

As for my Gerald Anderson-fangirl mode that day, I'd say I was smitten. My friend Ana asked if I just found a new crush, and I answered: "No, new love." Haha!

.....I can just hear my friend Krissy saying: "Bok, walang talo-talo!"* Hahaha! ;D

*a line from Tayong Dalawa, Gerald's teleserye before in ABSCBN with Jake Cuenca, Coco Martin, and love team Kim Chiu.
Note: thank you Krissy for introducing for easy online photo editing. nakaka-adik! :))


  1. hello gerald!=O you're really lucky to have met him!! I like your simple outfit, ana!

  2. omg thank you ava!! :)) i super appreciate this kasi i felt so underdressed pa that time, haha! wasnt prepared since i came from friend ana's house uli night before, haha! :D thank you!

  3. GWAPO! :D hahaha! ang swerte mo, you met gerald :D

    btw, im a friend of geo, she told me about your multiply store and i somehow also found your blog :)

  4. I met Gerald a few years ago. Siguro nung baguhan pa lang sila ni Kim. Pina-autograph ko yung pic niya sa mag tapos di ko napansin may mga naka-ipit pala. Siya pa pumulot ng mga nakaipit sa mag nung nahulog. *blushes* HAHA. Ang gentleman lang niya, grabe. :))

  5. Smarla: Wow small world!! :)) Friend from Ateneo? :)) (thank you Geo! hihi) Natuwa naman ako!

    Nadine: Wah ang sweet naman :D Perfect masyado? :))) Hahaha!

  6. Galit ako. Hindi mo tinanong yung question ko. Hirap kaya isipin non... LOL XD

    Laki ng ginuwapo niya. :))

  7. Huhuhuhu my heart melts ;D

    Thanks sis for this feature! At least parang andun na rin ako! And Ed said he wasn't able to take the photo for me :(

    Di bale, I will meet him too. Promise. Ahaha.

    Eat, Pray, Love naaaaa! XD

  8. EMSKYYY! HAHAHAHAHA Benta kaya yun tanong mo dun sya pinaka machachallenge sayang ;D Hahaha! :D Factor din naging macho pa hehehe! :D

    Krissyyyyy wah sayaaaang! :/ YES NEXT TIME OK! Gusto ko mawitness yun mag meemeet na kayo!! :D YEHEY EAT PRAY NAAAA!!!

  9. Hi Anagon! Yup friend from an Ateneo org, ACLC. :) Also from the campaign. Gileena showed me her model pics in your Multiply site :)

  10. Aww ang cute talaga ni Gileena noh! hihi! :)) nice to meet you here smarla! :)) your blog is a nice new find! :)))


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